Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Way Back WHENesday...

Edited: I thought was posting this on Natalie's World...I really wanted to do some kind of update to keep her blog going. I have so much to update, but I am sick today and so behind on other things. So I was just going to post 'WAY BACK WHENesday". Once I hit post blog, then view blog, I realized I had it here instead...sometimes it is quite difficult to keep up with 3 different blogs. Normally, I would have deleted it and then re-done it (yes, I have done this before), but since I am pressed for time and sick, I made the other blog 'WORDLESS WEDNESDAY" with a link to this one. Better than starting over, huh?
Four Months old...such a precious age!
Natalie was just over 4 months old when these were photographed. She had recently started sucking her thumb. For some reason, I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I guess that as grandmother we think completely different than we do as a mom. When Cari was born...when she was just a few weeks old, she would suck her thumb...stories of children sucking their thumb until 10 years old kept creeping in my mind. [I would remove her hand and put her pacifier in her mouth.] For some reason this not seem to phase me when Natalie did this many years later. I did read in a book sometime later that this was often common at this age for a child to pick this up for a while. And that's what she did--I don't' know when she's just gradually faded away, just like so many of the sweet things our children (grand) do. One day it is such significant part of their day-to-day activities, then one day you realize that don't do it any more. It's all sort of sad too...

I enjoyed so much being one of Natalie's caregivers at this age. We began our relationship so soon in her young life. For that I am so grateful!
Oh! And by the way... when she learned to find her pacifier, that was when it faded way. LOL

~~Natalie's Mimi~~

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