Monday, May 11, 2009


Okay it that time again. And I think I will play for a few minutes rather than taking my shower and getting some "real" clothes on.

So welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. As for me, here goes:

  1. It's not Monday at noon and I am NOT still in my p.j's. It really isn't the main advantage of working from your home. (Okay...maybe it is!)
  2. I did NOT show FREE KITTENS to two different visitors who have stopped by this a.m. to inquire about said "free kittens" while still wearing above mentioned p.j's. No I would never do something like that!
  3. And I did not keep one of the six kittens that I am trying so hard to give away before I get stuck with "teenager" cats that are virtually impossible to give away when the 2nd visitor wanted the whole litter ( or is it liter) because the first visitor who wanted a FREE kitten was coming back this afternoon for her one. After all, I do have four more younger kittens that will be ready in a week or so to give a way as well. (Yes, I know it sounds like we a have kitten kennel here!)
  4. I did NOT enjoy playing bubbles, having picnics on the porch, reading library books and so much more with Natalie last NOT ME!
  5. I did NOT have another one of those excuciating headaches again on Thursday my first day of the week from last week without Natalie...thus I did not spend the day working like I had planned.
  6. I did NOT find myself totally furstrated last Friday afternoon when the electricity kept flickering on and off until it finally stayed off. I did NOT decide that it was the perfect time to fold and put up clothes since I couldn't work on or play on the computer.

Okay, I am drawing a blank again (like last week). I guess I should do what I used to down my NOT MEs before actually doing them. Oh least I played...though not too intersting. I will try to do better next time!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

I've been tagged...

Cristi tagged me and now its my turn to tag some of you. So here is what you do. Make 3 lists of 8. First 8 Things you look forward to Then 8 Things you did yesterday Then 8 Programs you watch on TV. Then go tag 8 people to do the same. So here are my lists.

  1. Taking Natalie to Disney World along with the rest of our family.
  2. Sunday morning messages.
  3. Date nights with my hubby/ get-a-ways with him.
  4. Fun time in the pool this summer with Natalie.
  5. A close relationship with Natalie as she grows into older child and then adult.
  6. Possibly a nice much larger (and organized) studio.
  7. ONE DAY...helping my daughter plan her wedding.
  8. Getting over these headaches that I keep having and accomplish the goals that I had for this year of getting organized and caught up again!

  1. Made "baby" pancakes with Natalie. Then she added sprinkles to them. She said to me while we were doing this, "It's gonna be a great day, Mimi." And yes, it really was!
  2. Took her to the library. We checked out 16 books.
  3. Had a picnic with Natalie and her Poppa on the porch.
  4. After our picnic, we started reading our books on our picnic blanket.
  5. We finished reading our books, yes, all 16 of them, on my bed. Then I took a mini-nap after reading them--she took a nice long nap.
  6. Natalie woke up in a great mood. While she heard me walking to my room, I don't remember why, she hid under the covers. This was the beginning of a really hillarious game of hide-and-seek. When she hides, she starts giggling before you find her! She's loves the game, but doesn't quite get the concept yet.
  7. Showed some images from Saturday's sessions to some clients. They agreed with most of my faves. What can I say...I have a little experience at picking out baby pics!
  8. I had a nice visit with Cari when she came home last night.

  1. Ghost Whisperer (I know it's so fictional, but I am hopeless romantic and I love the "love story" included in this program.)
  2. The Mentalist (one of my newests faves)
  3. Criminal Minds
  4. House
  5. Dr. Phil (When it's a subject that I am interested...if not I can turn it off, but most of the time, I am interested.)
  6. Big Bang Theory
  7. CBS Daytime programs (I listen while I work on images on the computer.)
  8. Lifetime Movies (when it's not one that I have seen 2 or 3 times!)

So those are my lists. Now its time for --

  1. Brittany at (my "other" daughter aka daugher-in-law)
  2. Casey at
  3. Shonda at
  4. Amanda at
  5. Danielle at
  6. Penny at
  7. Diane at
  8. Sara Madalin's Mommy at to make their own lists because they have been tagged too! Thanks for tagging me, Cristi. It was fun.

I was tagged at Jami Ainsworth Portraits, but I prefer to post my personal stuff here...not that I don't get personal at jap too, but I try to separate my three blogs as appropriately as possible. I have had a really rotten day feeling sick at my stomach and this migraine-category headache, but since I was feeling better, I wanted to go ahead and do this. If I waited until tomorrow to do it, I would only have about three things to list as what I did the day before. LOL...but it really hasn't been funny!



Cari's 2nd prom (prom 2009)

Wasn't she beautiful? She just glowed with new confidence that came with the new smile, Courtesy of Dr. Traxler of Alexandria. I just realized that this next image is w/o a smile. At this point, I was just trying different expressions. But her smile is definitely her best these days!

See what I mean!

and again...

and even a little attitude with this great smile...
Cari and her date (She calls him "toy".)

She's tickling him to make him smile. Guys (for some reason) just do not like to smile.

These photos were captured at Stanton Hall. Everyone had already started taking pics before I was able to get my equipment out and get it ready. So having photographed some weddings here, I knew these place had more potentional than just the side of the building. So I moved Cari to this side angle with the walkway and part of the front of the house in the background. Soon everyone else did too.

Cari and her they both have beautiful smiles.

Cari and her dad (no photos of me will be posted this time...we took them, but I plan to use them for my incentive for my next diet!)

The backview was pretty too!

Brittany and Cari...

All the girls in this group...Cari went with the juniors since her date is a junior.

All the kids on the steps...most of them are juniors.

On the porch with the columns...

I don't remember what was so funny, but I love capturing real emotion like this.

Cari and the other sophomore, who was in this prom group, Kaitlyn...


full-lenth version....
Can't do photographs without including Natalie!

waiting others to get through...

I will add a little more text to these images later. I am feeling very bad at this moment, but I wanted to finish posting the images before I got off this computer.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NOT ME MONDAY on Tuesday

  • I did not decide to do NOT ME MONDAY on Tuesday. No not me, I am always on my game!
  • And I certainly would not decide to do a NOT ME without posting the NOT ME logo because it is too much trouble at this moment because my external hard drive that holds most of my images is not connected at this moment and I do not have the time or patience at this moment to wait for the connection (really I don't).
  • And now that I am doing this I have not discovered a mental block....I have lots of NOT MEs...really I do (but since I decided to do this on a whim...I really think I have a writer's block.)
  • Here's one: I am NOT blogging and reading other blogs this a.m. (7:51 at the moment) while my little sweetheart is sleeping on the love seat (by the way her new bed at Mimi's) when I should be doing other things like cleaning the kitchen or making my bed...well you get the picture.
  • I did not spend our hard earned money last night at Wal-mart buying groceries including some scrumptioous looking strawberries along with the angel food cake and whip topping to make strawberry shortcake to discover that all the fruit that was visible was mouth-watering, but the rest of them spoiled. I discovered this after I got them home. In situations like this, I wished I lived next door to Wal-mart and/or the markets so that I could make them pay for every little thing like this. It's so unfair! But also more trouble than it's worth (when you live where I do) to make it good!
  • I am NOT planning to enjoy the rest of the time with my little sweetheart while she is here this week. NO NOT ME! I would never put our special time before housework and/or photography work.
  • And believe it or NOT, I am not going to list 10 or more NOT MEs...really I am NOT! NO NOT ME!