Sunday, July 31, 2011


So how do you like my new header for NATALIE'S WORLD...OH NO! Just found an error! "As viewed by Mimi" should be somewhere else. I moved it and then planned to go back and move it to the appropriate spot when I finished with the images. So back to the drawing board! I am going to get a new background an header for this page. I am shopping for digital scrapbook papers for the links on the Blogs For A Cause page. So I was trying to decide if I want to change Natalie's World background up too. Since I have such difficult time making a decsion. I decided to change the images. Since I don't remember how to change it, I will get Nikki from Blogs for a Cause to do it when I get her to do some for this blog. Decisions, decisions, decisions....
But for now...with the text moved a bit, how do you like Natalie's World header with the updated images?

Reflections (Natalie's 6th Birthday Party)

I used to be a very organized person: everything in it's place. Now...not so much! Certain things are usually always in there place...while some I can't never seem to stay on top things that others use too! My 2nd set of car keys are misplaced this morning and my husband has mine in his pocket. He went to church earlier today to work on sound for worship service, but they were practicing it before Sunday School so that they could all go to SS. He drove my car last. Thus my keys were with his keys and he just put them in his pocket. I was running late as it was because I was doing some last minute preparations for a baby shower (my gift). So we had decided to go in different vehicles anyway...but now I have to wait to go with Cari who was coming in her car. Yes, we were going to have 3 cars for 3 people to go to one place. We normally do NOT do this. Sundays are usually the one day we all go to the same place at the same time. So now I waiting on Cari to get her shower since she wasn't planning to leave until later because of the project she was finishing for the gift also. Wow! Sometimes the simplest things can be so complicated!

I don't have any photos ready yet to post, but I thought rather than doing some cleaning, organizing, or straightening that I would do a little reflecting on yesterday's big event. Yesterday was Natalie's 6th Birthday Party. The day before she has turned 6 years old. Yes, it still seems like it was just yesterday she was born, yet it also seems like she has been a part of family forever because I really can't remember what our life was like without her. So much our lives have surrounded her existence now for the last 6 years. The last school year, her first year of Kindergarten, we did begin to spend less time with her. She was in "real" school now her absences count. So no more staying an extra day on the weekend to spend quality time with Mimi just because she misses her little sweetheart. It was difficult at the beginning of the school year for me...dealing with the loss of this time and facing the fact this was all of Cari's lasts: Last first day of school, Last time to cheer, Last prom, etc... But as I look back, at some point, I adjusted and now I am face all kinds of firsts again...but I won't be there to witness many of them (like her first day of college).

So I digress, with all these changes. I did less for Natalie and her parents did more...just as it should be. Most recently, this was Natalie's first party that I did NOT play a big part in planning or putting it together. Her parents did an excellent job! It was a PURPLE BEIBER BASH! Justin Beiber (and the color) purple was the theme. It was her first "girl" party. She only invited girls. And it was a gymnastics place in Baton Rouge. It was also her first party in BR. Brittany and Cameron both did a wonderful job with the food, decorating and preparations. Natalie was very well behaved and thankful for gifts. It was a very nice birthday party for top to bottom. I was a very proud Mom and Mimi! I will try to post photos soon!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Six Years ago today...

...our family grew and had the joy that comes with have a little one around again. It is so amazing the joy and love that is enjoyed everytime a new baby is born.


~~jami (aka Natalie's Mimi)~~

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Time to Catch up THURSDAY (Part 1)

Istarted my first blog the fall of 2007 that was all about Natalie. After all, our lives seem to involve her. So I started this blog about 3 years ago when Natalie moved to Baton Rouge after her mommy and daddy moved down there. I wanted to do a blog that was for venting my loss of my time with her and for sharing the rest of my family via blogging, but also for digital type scrapbook of our lives...a new style of keeping a family album of images that also included a little story behind the images. After all, I was doing this type of thing before scrap booking become a hobby, but I took on my hobby and made a business is out of it. The one thing that I learned from that is once you take your hobby to the next level by creating a business, you never have time for other hobbies again. So to put it mildly, one of the reasons that I quit (or took a break) is that I have been in a somewhat burnout from feeling overwhelmed trying to combine my business life and personal life for the past...hmm...5 or 6 years (probably since making the digital transformation along with becoming a grandmother). I haven't even wanted to take snapshots unless it was my iphone. Yes, I confess! Photography, my love/my passion, turned to work. And sometimes we get so tired that work is work and we just need a mental as well as physical break. Have got all of that, not sure, but I my priorities are coming back in focus once again as I can see the summer coming to an end very soon as well along with many changes. So I plan to list a few things as I remember them that has happened the last 16 months since I made my last blog post (not counting yesterday: LOL).

(one of the fun shots)

I will try to list in order, but first I will give the background on these photos. Most of you have already seen them on facebook. They were captured in Key West, Florida. Randy and I have always wanted to go to Key West and I've always wanted to have a family beach portrait. November 29th was our 25th wedding anniversary. My husband booked our family a 7 day cruise out of New Orleans that included three stops: two in the Bahamas and the other, Key West. So decided it was more important to celebrate our family more than our marriage. After all, we officially became a family when we married, not when our first child was born.

ABOVE: (one of my favorites: us walking hand-in-hand looking toward my sweetheart)
BELOW: The first image of my faves, but not my wall portrait.

Spring of 2010:

  • I started Weight Watcher's (a wonderful journey that from
    time to time was one step forward and two steps back) [made Lifetime
    Membership in February of this year] I believe everyone has an addiction
    or two. It is a matter of whether they can find the balance in their
    lives with things they are tend to be addicted to. Mine is food!

  • I hosted a BUNNIES & BABIES PORTRAIT EVENT. I had not done bunnies in a few years. Bunnies are always one of the most successful portrait events of the year.

  • Cari had her JUNIOR PROM. [She broke up with her boyfriend about 2 weeks before prom.] To view images of her and her friends, click HERE!

  • I attended a week long photography school. I had not done that in years. I was hoping it would jump start my juices to flowing and it did for while. I must admit as mentioned previously they are flowing as quickly or as freely as I desire.

  • Cari also came with me and photography friend and modeled for many different world renown photographers. Okay, maybe they're only well-known to other photographers, but trust was an honor and very fun to Cari. She received many compliment from the photographer instructors and students.

  • The day after we got back to town we left again to go to NATALIE'S FIRST DANCE RECITAL. She had completed her first year of dance at Machita & Co. in Port Allen. Her recital was held at the River Center at downtown Baton Rouge. It was very long. But so precious to see her dance on stage.

  • Cari also completed her junior year and "officially" became a SENIOR!

  • Natalie completed her 2nd year of pre-school at KinderCare.

  • Brittany and Cameron celebrate 2 years of marriage.


  • Natalie spends lots of time at Mimi's pool swimming and showing off her cute swimsuits that Mimi is addicted to buy for her.

  • Cari got a job working sales/customer sevice for Verizon Wireless in Vidalia.

  • Brittany was Conner & Abby Branton's baby sitter for the summer.

  • Cari wrecked her first car, her green, 2005 Nissan Altima. She loved that car.

  • Cari attended her last high school cheer camp at LSU where she made ALL-AMERICAN!

  • Natalie went to Tea Party Classes with Mignon. Her first beginning classes of social etiquette.

  • Cari went to church camp. While she was away at church camp, we bought her 2nd vehicle, a white, 2006 Ford 500 (we got a really deal on this one!)

  • Natalie turned 5 years old and had a Luau Birthday Party at the Country Club to celebrate with friends and family. Some of our extended family stayed the rest of the weekend and we continued to celebrate at the lake house.


  • Cari found a new job that she loved. She has hired to work at AFTER GLOW, a tanning salon with two locations, one in Vidalia and one in Natchez.

  • Cari starts her senior year. She had her last first day of school.

  • Natalie started her new school thanks to some special recommendation letters from two special friends: Tanya Mallory and Nicki Glenn. Natalie become a Kindergarten student at Baton Rouge Visual and Performing Arts Center (a wonderful magnet school that we were blessed to get Natalie into). We have been very impressed with this school and looking forward to another school year there.

  • Cameron starts his Senior Year at LSU and Brittany starts her junior year. I am very proud of growup kids.

  • I did a Mini Cheerleader Portrait Session of Cari in her CHEER ATTIRE for the football program book ad.

  • We spend several weekends at the lake after having fun after Natalie' party. Natalie could even get-up...rather stay up on the knee board.

  • Natalie started her 2nd year of dance at Machita & Co again and Cari started her senior year of ballet at NATCHEZ BALLET ACADEMY with Mignon again.

  • Cari tried out for Nutcracker. Even though this was only her 2nd year to do the Nutcracker since she had only started back taking ballet her sophomore year, she was hoping for a lead role. She was tickled to learn the had the role of SNOW QUEEN.

  • Randy booked the cruise for our family. We begun then to look forward to celebrating 25 years as a family and I knew then I would book a photographer in Key West to do our beach portraits.

Okay, I know I still have a lot of catching up to do. But this is a start. I have, in a nutshell, covered a large portion of events up to last fall. Maybe I will even go back and do many posts and add photos. But I doubt it...since one of the reason I stopped (or took a blogging break) is because I really don't have lots of extra time to do things like this. Maybe I will have more while living the empty nest life that will start very soon, but I really don't expect that I will. However, I do want to take time to blog about little things, big things and the things that really matter to other words...the moments that I want to remember!

NOTE: As in my post on NATALIE'S WORLD today, if I remember additional things that I forgot to include in the Spring, Summer or Late Summer 2010. I will add them. This is my little digital scrapbook to remember the little things that mean so much to me and maybe to some others too.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Way Back WHENSday

I found this image while doing a random search for something older, but not blogged or facebooked.. It shouldn't have been hard to find an image that has NOT been blogged with since it has been over a year since I've blogged on a regular basis. The image date file read: 4.16.08 So that means this photo is over 3 years old. Natalie will be 6 the end of this week. WOW! HARD TO BELIEVE MY BEAUTIFUL LITTLE SWEETHEART WILL SOON BE SIX YEARS (in 2 days)!!!!

Without going into a lot of detail on this first post after so long, I am hoping (planning) to start blogging a little more regular again. I want to be "real", vent, savor the memories and document my family affairs! You're welcome to follow along, but I realize that this is something that I really want to do for me and my memories! HAVE A GREAT WEDNESDAY!