Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reflections (Natalie's 6th Birthday Party)

I used to be a very organized person: everything in it's place. Now...not so much! Certain things are usually always in there place...while some I can't never seem to stay on top things that others use too! My 2nd set of car keys are misplaced this morning and my husband has mine in his pocket. He went to church earlier today to work on sound for worship service, but they were practicing it before Sunday School so that they could all go to SS. He drove my car last. Thus my keys were with his keys and he just put them in his pocket. I was running late as it was because I was doing some last minute preparations for a baby shower (my gift). So we had decided to go in different vehicles anyway...but now I have to wait to go with Cari who was coming in her car. Yes, we were going to have 3 cars for 3 people to go to one place. We normally do NOT do this. Sundays are usually the one day we all go to the same place at the same time. So now I waiting on Cari to get her shower since she wasn't planning to leave until later because of the project she was finishing for the gift also. Wow! Sometimes the simplest things can be so complicated!

I don't have any photos ready yet to post, but I thought rather than doing some cleaning, organizing, or straightening that I would do a little reflecting on yesterday's big event. Yesterday was Natalie's 6th Birthday Party. The day before she has turned 6 years old. Yes, it still seems like it was just yesterday she was born, yet it also seems like she has been a part of family forever because I really can't remember what our life was like without her. So much our lives have surrounded her existence now for the last 6 years. The last school year, her first year of Kindergarten, we did begin to spend less time with her. She was in "real" school now her absences count. So no more staying an extra day on the weekend to spend quality time with Mimi just because she misses her little sweetheart. It was difficult at the beginning of the school year for me...dealing with the loss of this time and facing the fact this was all of Cari's lasts: Last first day of school, Last time to cheer, Last prom, etc... But as I look back, at some point, I adjusted and now I am face all kinds of firsts again...but I won't be there to witness many of them (like her first day of college).

So I digress, with all these changes. I did less for Natalie and her parents did more...just as it should be. Most recently, this was Natalie's first party that I did NOT play a big part in planning or putting it together. Her parents did an excellent job! It was a PURPLE BEIBER BASH! Justin Beiber (and the color) purple was the theme. It was her first "girl" party. She only invited girls. And it was a gymnastics place in Baton Rouge. It was also her first party in BR. Brittany and Cameron both did a wonderful job with the food, decorating and preparations. Natalie was very well behaved and thankful for gifts. It was a very nice birthday party for top to bottom. I was a very proud Mom and Mimi! I will try to post photos soon!


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