Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NOT ME MONDAY on Tuesday

  • I did not decide to do NOT ME MONDAY on Tuesday. No not me, I am always on my game!
  • And I certainly would not decide to do a NOT ME without posting the NOT ME logo because it is too much trouble at this moment because my external hard drive that holds most of my images is not connected at this moment and I do not have the time or patience at this moment to wait for the connection (really I don't).
  • And now that I am doing this I have not discovered a mental block....I have lots of NOT MEs...really I do (but since I decided to do this on a whim...I really think I have a writer's block.)
  • Here's one: I am NOT blogging and reading other blogs this a.m. (7:51 at the moment) while my little sweetheart is sleeping on the love seat (by the way her new bed at Mimi's) when I should be doing other things like cleaning the kitchen or making my bed...well you get the picture.
  • I did not spend our hard earned money last night at Wal-mart buying groceries including some scrumptioous looking strawberries along with the angel food cake and whip topping to make strawberry shortcake to discover that all the fruit that was visible was mouth-watering, but the rest of them spoiled. I discovered this after I got them home. In situations like this, I wished I lived next door to Wal-mart and/or the markets so that I could make them pay for every little thing like this. It's so unfair! But also more trouble than it's worth (when you live where I do) to make it good!
  • I am NOT planning to enjoy the rest of the time with my little sweetheart while she is here this week. NO NOT ME! I would never put our special time before housework and/or photography work.
  • And believe it or NOT, I am not going to list 10 or more NOT MEs...really I am NOT! NO NOT ME!

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