Monday, July 20, 2009

Many more...

This is a photo of my beautiful daughter, Cari, photographed during our Mini Portrait Session at the beach. The 14 year-old boys wouldn't necessarily think it was Mini Portrait Session, but I could have went on and on (even with the sweat running down my back...I love capturing these images) to me, it was a mini session!I have many more beautiful portraits to edit and to post to my blogs and facebook. I have posted a few more to facebook already last night that I couldn't resist. But for now I need to get to work. I have a few more orders to finish to have ordering caught up...just when I think I only have one or two more to do to be caught up, I receive another, I will praise God for that! And I have few sessions to edit. Cari will be leaving today for church camp. Pray that she and the other campers have life altering experiences and/enhancements. Natalie is still in Baton Rouge taking swimming lessons. I sure miss that little girl! So this week will be filled with work and some quality time with my hunny. I sure missed him while I was gone and I wasn't even gone that long. I think I missed sharing the expereince with him! [I do have him fired up for a family beach vacation. I don't know if we can pull it of this year, but he was online doing some shopping around last night. I love it!]


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