Monday, July 29, 2013

It is coming back to me!

Why I don't blog!

Some of it may be because of the slow internet issues that we are having out here and the rest is possibly computer issues...which I am hoping it is more of the 2nd.  I have started this post from my old computer.  You know--the one that has all my images, but I decided I would try to do this short one since I was planning to do it w/o images.  [If the 2nd, things will get better because hopefully sooner rather than later, I will move images to this computer too.]

I was wanting to do a journal type post of some memories of Precious and her some memories from her little family service that we held here yesterday to honor.  But then I thought I would post a quick one saying that I hope to still do so, but I remember one reason why I quit.  Because I am not very good at time managing or either I am just not that savvy with the computer, internet and the whole blog updating things...apparently I am not because if it takes others as long to blog as me, very few people would blog.

Hoping to still do a blog entry about this...not like the one I desired or intended to do because I can't seem to locate photos, but I want to do something while memory is fresh.

So if you're interested, stay tuned.  If not...not biggie, I am doing this for my memory and my family's because I do love to look back at posts and things that I have shared over the years.  If only I was a good at say someone like Nicki, but oh well, I am not, and I choose to be happy with the thoughts, memories and photos that I have documented rather than whine over what I don't have.

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