Monday, February 2, 2009


DISCLAIMER: when I laid down this morning when I did feel well, i found myself thinking of what has happened this last week and what I would post...well MY day has gotten away from i will keep it to a minimum...i am sure i will think of 100 others after I upload'll be glad that I am short for time!

  1. I did NOT drive back from Alexandria much slower than I drove there for my ENT appointment because I DID NOT get a speeding ticket...NO, NO, NOT ME! I always drive the speed limit! [even when I am running late]
  2. I did NOT receive many prescriptions for a cocktail of meds [you can tell i've been watching HOUSE] and I am certainly not beginning to feel any better. They did not schedule me to come back a week from today with plans to do a CT scan. I was NOT told that if my "cocktail" didn't clear my sinus that nothing will and surgery would probably be inevitable.
  3. I did NOT have the most lovely time with my grand daughter and husband this weekend. I did not take over 100 images of Natalie in her new tutu and have much fun with her at the park after the portrait session was over.
  4. I did NOT make sure that I put just a few of the new images of Natalie from Saturday on facebook. I was NOT that proud of her and the images that I captured.
  5. I did not have a conversation with Brittany about sewing some clothes for Natalie. We never think alike. [We discovered we both had been thinking we would like to sew for her! NOT REALLY...well really we did..geehs this can get confusing!] And I did not find a FREE PATTERN ONLINE for making pillowcase dresses last night and I did not buy my first pattern at wal-mart for her tonight. I would never get so excited about something like this. We are NOT making plans to try to do some sewing over the Mardis Gras break!
  6. And last but not least, I did NOT actually do my NOT ME's with less than 10 or more. I could never be so concise...NO NOT ME! [well...normally I can't, huh?]

OKAY NOW...WHAT ABOUT YOU? What did you not do last week?



JenReg said...

Speeding ticket, huh? LOL

Please check out my Not Me Monday:


Avery's Mommy said...

uh oh hope you don't have to have surgery! how are ya feeling now?

Cristi said...

Wow, I have been thinking about sewing for Avery too. As a matter I did a not me about it a few weeks ago. It didnt go well ended up in the trash. But I am not giving up. I am gonna give it another try soon. Hope youre feeling better!