Monday, January 26, 2009


okay...I am NOT going to try this again:

  1. I did not experience a less than productive week last week because of my inability to focus. Headaches and cool weather would never interfere with my ability to work or focus. And I did NOT have headache today. I do NOT think it is time that I see my ENT doctor. I am sure I am not having major sinus headaches again! After all wasn't that surgery 7 years ago suppose to fix everything forever?

  2. I did not spend even more time on facebook last week. I would never get addicted to something silly. And my husband did not spend the last week criticizing me about my facebook discovery because his curiosity would never be interested in something like that.

  3. I did not have problems sleeping last week. I have never had problems going to sleep. NO, NOT ME! I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

  4. I did not get up one night last week (after I fell asleep not me) and after a few minutes of facebook and blogging spend quite a while reading MckMAMA'S blog. I did not stay up until 3:00 a.m. reading said blog...NO NOT ME! And the next day, I did not have another headache all day either!

  5. I did not photograph several new mini sessions this weekend and one today. I did not photograph them with my L-O-V-E letters..."what's love got to do with it"...okay, I couldn't resist that one! I did NOT remember at the last minute (Friday night) that I still had not picked up my letters for said promotion. My not-so-sweet husband did NOT go to K-mart at 7:00a.m. Saturday morning to get my letters before my session to discover that they open at 8:00 rather than 7:00. (okay, a wife can make mistake sometimes...huh?)

  6. I did NOT send Natalie three packages last week! NO NOT ME! I am not the kind of Mimi who would shower her little sweetheart with gifts for no apparent reason.

  7. I did NOT start my day off at 5:30 this morning. I always believe you should sleep until only makes sense. I would never get up that early to go work out with my husband. After all we don't really need to work out...we haven't gained that much weight this fall/winter! NO NOT US! I would never feel insecure over something as vain as weight!

  8. I did NOT receive another Gymboree package in the mail today. Natalie won't need any new clothes this spring...surely what she wore last summer will fit this spring. I really did NOT have to spend my GYMBOREE BUCKS last week. Since they never expire!

  9. I am NOT letting some clothes get cool in the dryer while I finish this. I would never do that!

  10. And last, but not least, I DID NOT find my husband a profile photo (of me and him) for his new facebook page! I would not show him how to find some of his old friends from high school...NO NOT ME! AFTER ALL HE THINKS FACEBOOK IS RIDICULOUS! HE WOULD NEVER BE INTERESTED IN IT!

Okay, I did again. Now let's see if I can link McMamma blog...if I can't I think you get the point. After all, when I started the post she had over 300 links, I am sure no one would miss mine! NO NOTS in this paragraph.


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