Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Way Back WHENSday

Cari is about 5 or 6 months and Cameron is 4 yrs.
I don't have nearly as many images of the two of them at these ages together as I wished I had...he was busy being a "wild" little man and I was busy being trying to learn to balance being a mommy to a little one, run a home daycare and of course, keep up with, a very busy 4 year old. But this has always been one of my favs of the two of them together: He was so cutie and my doesn't she look chunky!
WOW! WHAT A DIFFERENT [about 12 yrs later]...
Presently this is my wall portrait (20 x24) of my two babies. These were photographed just weeks (maybe days) before we learned that we would soon become grandparents. So by the time I ordered this image, I knew...I knew this would be the last portrait of my two children like this (now I have four)! So this will probably always stay on the wall!
Isn't it fun to look way back when...

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