Thursday, April 23, 2009

TOMORROW: The long awaited day...

...that this beautiful girl will become even more beautiful because she will be getting her braces removed! Then the next day is prom. So I will have to do this image as a before and after! This momentous chapter in our lives especially Cari's made me finally do a post like I really want to do for the occasion. I intended to a detailed post for Cameron's birthday, then Cari's and never seem to get around to post about Christmas. I really will...ONE DAY! For now, I want to show the transformation of a pre-teen to a beautiful young lady.

It took years before she could finally get her braces because of her darn 12 year molars that still haven't completely finished coming through. In fact, her doctor is going to remove them tomorrow and yes, they squeezed her in for tomorrow so that she could get them off before prom.

and another BEFORE IMAGE, July, 2005 (just before cheerleading camp)

May, 2006 (just a few months after she got her braces on)...

July, 2006 (also just before cheerleading camp)

Holly Ball, December 2006...

Cari and her girls (three out of four in braces) also at the Holly Ball

Summer, 2007: Cari and her BBF, Alexa...

Homecoming 2007: Cari and Alexa

Cari and Brittany at Homecoming 2007

Homecoming 2007: Cameron came home in time to drive Cari in the parade. This was photographed after the parade.

Natalie with Cari while in Memphis (waiting to watch Diego Live), March 2008

Cari's First Prom (March 21, 2008)

Cari and Alexa again (before prom at Monmouth)

The same four best girls as pictured earlier in this post at the Holly Ball (12.2006). Now two of the girl have had their braces off (Callie & Katie) and now Alexa has them on and so does Cari.
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Callie, Alexa, Katie, and Cari
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Alexa, Katie, Cari, & Callie

Cameron and Cari at Cameron's Wedding, May 31, 2008.

A few weeks later...
Vacation Bible School (June 2008)

Natalie, Ronald McDonald and Cari at McDonald's (of course), September, 2008...
Cari and another BFF, Lauren...

Natalie and Cari at the fair at the balloon races, October 2008...


She chose the restaurant, Little Dagos.
I wanted to plan a really big nice Sweet 16 Birthday Party! I guess I have gave birth to the wrong time of year! I had the best of intention, but I never get to give the party that I want to give. I am so sorry Cari. I love you more than life and always want the best for you...just be sure and make sure you have your babies some time of the year when life is a little slower and not so hectic. Cari turned 16 on December 1, 2008!

Christmas Dinner (at Center City Bistro), December 23, 2008

January 2009...
Cari and Alexa again (I wonder how many time these two have had photos taken like this?)
So tomorrow is the day that we all get to see her new smile again. Then Saturday will be quite a day. She has to be in Baton Rouge that morning to take the state Litery Rally exam in Spanish I at L.S.U. I will bring her (and Natalie) back here as soon as she finishes to get ready for from Prom. Hair appointments, make-up to be done and lots of photos to be taken! What a great way to get lots of pretty new photos without braces!


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