Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2009 Natchez Pilgrimage Pageant: Part 2

I borrowed this image from Torri who had this in her 2009 pageant album on facebook. Surely, she doesn't mind since she had it on facebook anyway. [I had tagged myself for the images.] We were sitting in the far righthand corner close to the stage...not a very good angle for capturing images of the dancers. So I glad I got this. I tried to wait to capture it at the end, but to no aveil, I don't think I got it. FYI: Cari (right back) and Alexa (front center--pink)
This is Natalie and her mommy, Brittany. I took it before the pageant started trying to get my camera setting ready.
I am really not that great at capturing images in the dark like this and I would probably do better to bring my whole photography set up like for a wedding or something, but as usual I was running behind as I was leaving. So just remember these are not professional images, but my candid memories captured from the audience.

An awful capture, but I still wanted to include (I think this was before I decided on all the settings that I was going to use too). But this is Cheryl Morace the President of the Garden club (who put on the pilgrimage pageant each year), one of the many hats that Cheryl wears, along with her escort.

Natalie is intrigued and loved every minute of it.

Cari and the other Fanny dancer as they came to the stage.

Mostly back angles, but still oh so pretty.

Cari did struggle some with the dance this time because she had to wear her new toe shoes that weren't broke in...

I just love capturing images of these girls on toe. It amazes me of the strength and agility to have the ability to perform dances like this. I never had the opportunity to take any kind of dance, but I truly respect and admire these girls who can!

Alexa had the lead. This is her coming out on the stage.

Alexa again...

and again. Alexa had been taking ballet for years. She took last year off, but missed it so much and came back this year. I am so glad since Cari is taking it too. It's so great for best friends to share things like this!

My last shot. I wanted some images showing all three girls. I wanted this one and I wanted the back view of the first images that appeared in this post. But this image was the last image that I could capture on my memory card!

To read more details of Natalie's experience through my eyes, scroll down to the next post. As you glance at it, it probably appears that I double posted. I did repeat some of the images. The next post was intended for Natalie's World. After I finished it, I realized that I had it here. Oh well...

OOPS...I was wrong one more image...this was the last one that I captured Saturday night. I thought I was at the last images that I posted. Sorry!

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