Thursday, March 5, 2009


BACKGROUND ON THIS POST: I know it has been a while. It looks like I may not get a chance to back track and post the holidays least I posted "some" images this year through the fall and holidays(not like nothing like last year). I haven't felt well in weeks. I am actually feeling better...and I think if spring would come and more consistent weather, I could catch my breath and move forward. But in efforts of re-grouping and re-acclamating myself, I needed to do something for me, something for Natalie too. I don't know if I do this more for me and for her and I am not the best blogger, but these are our special memories and I don't want them to fade away w/o documenting some of the most precious days in our lives!
My cousin's daughter, Carlie, was born approximately 5 months after my first granddaughter. Yes, it is not the mom's first great-granddaughter was born in late July and my mom's older sister's (6 yrs. old) first granddaughter was born 5 months later (early January0. We don't get together as I often as I would is very busy and we do live a few miles apart. Since Carlie's birthday was so close to Christmas, her mommy chose to have her party about 6 weeks later!
So without further adue, I will share this day with you: Carlie's 3rd b'day party at the Children's Musuem in Monroe.
Natalie loved brushing the teeth! (Gigi in the background)

Gigi and Aunt Cari visiting while waiting for Natalie to finish serving them at the "restaruant"!
Gigi wasn't feeling well and was tempted to backout of this little adventure with us. We picked her up in Rayville. She said she didn't backout because she so wanted to see Natalie. WE ALL LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL SO MUCH! SHE HAS BROUGHT SO MUCH LOVE INTO OUR LIVES! THANK YOU, GOD FOR SHARING HER WITH US!

It was like the day after Christmas. Natalie ran from one thing to the next. She didn't know what she wanted to play with...the is the "big" sandbox. I love that concentrating expression her face in this image.

The lighting was terrible. I forgot my batteries and my flash batteries were dead. When I saw this place with these rocking horses with natural lighting coming from the window...I was definitely op!

another activity

"bluescreen background"

another one...

Final was pretty neat!

Then Natalie talked Carlie into driving the police car with her. For some reason, I had a hard time keeping them still long enough to capture their enthusiam.

I have no idea what this is...but Natalie had to check it out too! Notice Carlie watching: I think she is a little shy like her mommy was when we were young. She's happy just being a spectator for this one.

Natalie is back in the restaurant (the kitchen area) cooking something special for Mimi!

And here it is, "Mustard in your tea?"

Carlie is a Dora fan too (I think this is one of the same toppers we had this year).

Before the cake cutting...Natalie posing for Mimi!
I missed a few images here. Carlie was excited about her cake and very happy with all the activities, grinnng from ear to ear, but at some point she got really embarrassed or something and cried...then she didn't want to blow out her candles.

As you can see in this next image, Natalie had no problem giving her some assistance!

Yes, yes...Natalie is pouting! She is mad because Carlie got the good piece of know the one with more icing. She finally got over it and at some cake.

Then she wanted to play some I didn't make her stay to watch Carlie open her gifts. I did, however, make her take at least one cute photo with her cousin before she could go play. I know...I am such a mean Mimi!
They don't get much cuter than these....

I was very sick the day before...I knew Natalie was coming, we had plans to go to the party. So I spent all afternoon in the MD office patiently waiting to get shots so that I could get "my game" that I could enjoy our time with Natalie and the trip to Monroe to go to the party! It was one of those special days that I want to always remember. Four generations (my mom, me, my daughter and Natalie) enjoying a simple day...a little shopping, a simple lunch and a birthday party for a member of our family. To really doesn't get much better than this!
~~Natalie's Mimi~~


The Glenn Gang said...

This place is in Monroe? I really want to take Jonah!

Jami Ainsworth said...

It's pretty nice. I remember taking Cari when she was small, but they've made some really nice improvements...and it is only $5 per person!