Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Way Back Whensday...

Tonight Our Tiny Little Dancer is all grown up...well almost. Tonight she is dancing at the Natchez Pilgramage Pageant. Tonight (03.11.08) she is dancing in two dances. Over the next four weeks, she will be dancing 3-4 nights a week in the pilgramage performances. Tonight her daddy and I will see her perform ballet for an audience again for the first time since the year this collage was created. Excuse the less than professional looking image. I photographed the framed image in her room. I won't go into detail since I am knee deep in the middle of several different things, but she took ballet and other classes for years and then discontinued until this past fall. It seems our daughter is still a ballerina! Her teacher has been so impressed how a 16 year old who had not danced since she was 7 or 8 years old can pick up ballet as quickly as she has. Of course, I am paraphrasing and maybe stretching...but needless to say, we are proud parents are we are looking forward to seeing this performance.

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