Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Natalie's First Pilgrimage Pageant Experience...

Saturday (March 28, 2009) was Natalie's First time to go the Historic Natchez Pilgrimage Pageant. And again she loved it. It was about like taking her to the Nutcracker (4 months ago). She was amazed at the dresses. She had tons of questions. We all love seeing things through her eyes. It makes everything so much more special.

Natalie and her Mommy...
[...posing for Mimi while waiting for the pageant to begin.]
She was mesmerized!
[She her holding the program book. She wouldn't let go of it. It was very important to her to hang onto the whole time. Another little insignificant moment that will remain precious to me because I captured it.]

We didn't have the greatest seats. We go more angles from behind than in front, but I am glad that I captured these from a different angle that the imags that I captured of her last time. Natalie's Aunt Cari is the one closest to the camera (right).

This one is all three girls doing Fanny. Alexa has the lead and again that is Cari closest to the camera (right on back row). Natalie loved watching her Aunt Cair and Her Alexa dance. She says she wants to be a ballerina too. So guess who will be taking her first year of ballet this upcoming school year?

I really didn't get very many images. I had to get myself ready and Natalie so I was running behind ("now what's new?") so I was on game when I grabbed my camera bag. I saw that it had a memory card in the pocket so I was thinking that I was good to go. The memory card only had about 10 imags left. Normally I just re-format the card and go, but I was pretty sure I had not downloaded the images on the card from our Saturday afternoon about 6 wks ago playing golf at the country club. It was another one of the precious fun days that I certainly don't want to forget. Without those images, I know I would forget some of the moments. Hopefully, I can find some time to go back and post them before I forget all the enthusiam that Natalie displayed that day. I am telling you, this girl has such a zest for life that I wished we all possessed!
I was just going to say that I was going th share the rest of the images on Worth Remembering when I realized that's where I have been putting this. It is way too much trouble re-doing this. So I will just add one image and do a link to this post on Natalie's World. Again this is the problem of having more than one blog!

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