Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Wishes

  1. I wished that I could do a Blog Post w/o editting my images first.
  2. I wished that I could post images w/o the story behind the images.
  3. I wished that I photographed in low resolution so that I didn't have to convert to low res files...okay no I don't, but I wished that it was simplier or quicker to do.
  4. I wished that I wasn't such a perfectionist (back to #1) so that I would not have to edit so much before posting.
  5. I wished that I was a better blogger like Melinda or Nicki and stayed current with my blog posts. Okay, there are others (like you) who do much better that I do lately, but those two currently pop in my mind because lately they've had daily posts. Now I don't think I would have daily posts because I don't have a little one here every day any more, but between the 3 blogs that I have, I could have somethingon a regular basis.
  6. I often wish that I wasn't such a detailed person. I think then I would better at this whole blogging thing. I have the thoughts in my mind (sometimes I even start blog posts in my mind), I have the photos and I definitely want to share it all. Now if I can just get better at this.

Now do you have any wishes that you'd like to share? Please comment or blog about it! Maybe I will make this a little regular thing like NOT ME MONDAY!



Baylee's Mommy said...

*I wish I was as great of a photographer as Jami Ainsworth!
*I wish I could afford to be a stay at home mom and still be able to do all that we are able to do with two incomes!

Here's you a couple! Have a GREAT day ;)


aww mommy