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...today (NOVEMBER 12, 1988) at 9:23 a.m., I become Mommy to the most wonderful baby that had ever been born ---at least that was how I felt as the euphoric feelings lasted for hours . Did I say hours? I meant days, probably until the first interrupted night of sleep. Needless to say, this mommy was in love her baby boy and just purely in love with this feeling--you know the feeling that you know you love this baby that you are carrying--you know you love them before they are born, but OH MY..WHAT FEELINGS YOU DISCOVER...FEELINGS OF LOVE THAT YOU DID NOT KNOW EXISTED UNTIL YOU HELD YOUR NEWBORN CHILD THAT FIRST TIME!
[4-months old]

And so quickly those first few days turn into weeks, then years and before you know it, you wake up on the day you remember it, parts of it, so vividly, the day your child was born twenty-one years ago. Before you know it, he is a handsome young man. You think of the days when he was an infant and you remember those thoughts, "I wonder what he'll look like when he's one, two, three and all the different ages in between" and you wonder what he'll do. You wonder when will he walk, will he play ball, will he good student, will he go to collage, when will he get married, and as I as I scan through the images that I selected for the blog entry now I can look back and see the answer to so many of those questions.


[a few months after graduation]

Cameron, this blog post is all about you, a tribute to you and to let you know how proud of you we are are. I know we all have hang ups and you are know exception. I don't see you as that perfect child like I did that day you were born 21 years ago.


You're truly are a son to be proud of. Thus I want to take this opportunity to reminisce of just how great it has been being your parents. Soaking in all the 'FIRSTS' in your childhood has probably been some of our most treasured moments in life. As the phrase goes, "What a ride!"

[first steps (summer '89), but it looks like a dance move, huh?]

[first fair--Fall 1989]

"She, your first dog, Christie, loved you so much! I remember how it drove me crazy when she chased you in circles around the coffee table. How much I would enjoy to experience those moments again...now."
[first dog, Christe, a Sheltie, Feb. 1992]

I don't guess this was a first moment, but I remember how it was first obvious that you were coming down with chicken pox just hours after Cari's first birthday party ended. I had to call all the parents of a little ones to tell them that their child was probably exposed to chicken pox. Then about a week later, Cari came down with what I call case of "poster-child" chicken pox. Literally, she could have done the photos for the posters at the Health Center showing what Chicken Pox looks like! Hey, but at least we got it done and over! No more chicken pox for our family again!
[Chicken Pox, December 1993]

This was the first year of cub scouts which lead to many special bonding moments between you and your dad as well as me and you. Just a few Mom and Me Camp outs and then Dad and Lad camping. And what about that cake that you mentioned the other day, I did not get around to scanning the photo to show Brittany, but I am so glad we have them so that we do remember that awesome, almost-life-size Indian Teepee cake that you and your dad made.
[Tiger Cub: first year of cub scouts]

"How fun was this day for you!"
[first pro game, Atlanta Braves versus Houston Astros in Houston]

You definitely love to win!

[First team championship--tee ball]

Even though you don't hunt much these days, your daddy sure has enjoyed sharing his great loves with you: football, baseball, hunting...just to name a few.
[first nice buck...I think it's the first]

Cameron, what a cute little boy you were!
[Kindergarten Graduation, 1st graduation]

Your daddy still reminds me how it was obvious to him when your first tee ball coach looked at you that he thought you would NOT be too great (since your were a small boy) and then how quickly he changed his tune and moved you to better positions and started working with you. He was very proud of that! We were proud of the little athlete that you were even then.
[First tee year of tee ball]

I wished I had a record of the hours that your daddy worked with you with baseball in that backyard in Tallulah and the side of our yard here. The hours that you and he spent together throwing, catching, batting are so special to him. I am soooo glad that you loved the game that was so dear to him too, but as much as he loved it, I know he loved it all the more because you did.
[one of the first All Star Teams...I actually think it is the 2nd year of All Stars]

[Four Months Old...first Olan Mills portrait--my favorite baby photo]
You were just a beautiful baby. I so enjoyed being your mommy and loved showing you off because isn't that what proud Mamas do. Have you ever watched the movie re-run "Look Who's Talking"? Someone who had just seen it at the movie theater before your first birthday party said that you looked like that little baby. After we rented it and watched it on VHS, I agreed that I thought you and he favored, BUT you were much, much cuter!
[approximately 1-year...Christmas portrait for 2nd Christmas included in our Christmas card the next year I started doing Photo Christmas Cards...first two included a photo]

Can you see the curls from the sides? You had rows and rows of them in the back. After you first haircut at 19 months old, that was the end of them. Sniff, sniff!
[15 months old...before first haircut--love those baby curls]

Trying to fill Daddy's shoes, but you actually outgrew them!
[ two-years old..wearing Daddy's boots]

You loved riding that horse, but I think you loved those Ninja Turtles more especially those p.j's and house shoes.
[Two-years old--riding his handmade rocking horse, made by Papaw Don and painted by Mamaw Opal]

When I've been asked the question, "what is your favorite sport?", my answer always been whatever sport my child is playing at the time. We loved watching all of them from baseball, basketball, football, and even track (when I could come). Eventually you chose your sport, baseball. When loved watching you play the game that you excelled. You were such a natural athlete, but such a great leader too and it makes me so proud because even though I am not much of a leader, I am proud that somehow between your dad and I and the grace of God that we DID teach you some great skills for life and for the games included in life. You were often quite a stubborn, strong-willed child (as Dobson described it), but hey you probably got it honestly from both of your parents and grandparents too. Often with proper nurturing those same children do become the leaders of their generation. That is how we see you, as a leader.

OUR ATHLETE: [9/10 year old start team]

[AYA football--6th grade]

[11/12 year old all stars]
Each spring when I drive past the ball fields and there are games in every field available, I miss it. I miss it all, not any particular age group, but just the whole experience. I am so, so thankful that God gave me those memories.

When your child is a baby, you can't really imagine how it can get any better or how the middle years or teen years can be that special, but oh they are. As you got older there always so much going on that it all happen so quickly and before you know it, your first born child is almost grown.
ALMOST GROWN: [In Jr. High...playing on high school and jr. high team]

I think this photo session was more like your typical senior session. Do you remember how I wanted to do a session after you got your braces off? But at the time we were so busy with baseball and finally several month later we did our session. I am so glad that we did this session because of all that was going on at the time we never did a full-blown senior portrait session.
One of my favorite physical traits about you is your smile. I think you have one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen.
[Portrait Session in the studio after braces came off...Fall 2003]

This was the year your team won District Champs. Now wasn't that fun! Tiring and stressful at the time and I remember how achy your knees (since you were catcher for each game) were when the tournament ended, but what a great experience it was for our family and especially for you.
[Tri-Parish All Stars 13/14 age group]

I really don't understand why around here we have prom each year of high school, but you and your friends sure looked handsome.
[First Prom--Spring 2004]

Don't you love how parents think their kids are great even if they're not? Okay, that wasn't the case here. Cameron, we will always think you were one of the best catchers of all time and compare the pro guys to you not the other way around.
[High School Baseball--Jr. Year, Spring 2006]

I was so glad to finally learn how to make some of these collages, not that they are the best, but they are some of my most proud pieces of work.
[Junior Year--Spring 2006]

See what I mean about your smile!
[18th Birthday]

SENIOR YEAR: [last baseball season--Spring 2007]
Why is it the closer to the end of something the faster it seems to go? The last year of high school was so full of bitter sweet moments.
[Senior Prom]

My favorite Senior Portrait...
[Senior Portraits--Spring 2007]

[My favorite Senior Portrait with a Smile--Spring 2007]

I am so proud of you for being a great student especially those last two years of high school. I never will forget that first report card of all A's. It was the first 6 weeks of your junior year. I was sitting at my desk with a client and her daughter. You had went to school with the daughter at Huntington. When I realized you had all A's, I almost cried. The daughter said that witnessing that moment was like Silvan Learning Center commercial. One of the special moments in life that you gave me that I will never forget! Thanks for keeping it a secret until I saw the report card. It certainly made the whole experience unforgetable.
[Graduation Night--May 2007]
Several years ago our lives changed forever, of course, like any parent, when we found our child was becoming a parent while in high school, our hearts were broken. Immediately I realized that our heartache would become our joy, of course, I had NO IDEA just how much joy! Even though today is the day you legally became an adult, the day you are considered grown. I will never forget the moment that I witnessed you become adult right before I eyes as I photographed the birth of your daughter, my first granddaughter. As I watched you hold Brittany's hand, as she gave birth and as I watched the tears stream down your face as together you both held your daughter for the first time, I realized then that I was watching my child become an adult right before my eyes. I am not sure if I have ever shared this with you, but I do want you to know that I am so proud of you and how you stood by their side that night and since then too.
NATALIE:[My very favorite newborn portrait. Natalie about 3 weeks]

[Homecoming 2005; Cameron's Jr. Year/Brittany Sophomore, Miss French Club]

[Homecoming 2005]

[Homecoming 2006/Senior year]

[Natalie & her daddy--Prom 2006]

[Prom/Junior Year: 2006]

[Brittany's Senior Prom]

[The queen and her parents, April 2008]
The one thing that every parent desires in that when they grow that they find someone to love and share their life with and eventually have a family. Not every family happens in that order. I am so glad that you have found the love your life. I know you know that we love Brittany. I just want you to know that I am proud of you for realizing it. A lot of guys your age would not be mature enough how much they love someone else and be ready for the commentment and all the responsibility that comes with being husband and daddy.

I am sure that I am not the first to tell you, but you two make a reall cute couple. Did I say cute? I mean gorgeous/beautiful/handsome--anyhow, I think you're pretty awesome together.
[engagement portrait--spring 2008]

This was a proud day for me as you mom.
[mom & son dance]

I love your sense of humor too. Yeah, it comes from your dad. This was photo idea was his!

[The Exit]

Have I mentioned how handsome, cute, nice-looking that I think you are? You certainly made a very handsome groom.
[The Handsome Groom, Our Son]
I will never forget the day we told you that you were going to have a brother or sister. Your response, "Do I have to?"
Who knew you were content at being a only child for three years? Four years and 3 weeks later, your only sibling, your sister was born. I would love to say that I love how close you two are. Maybe it's the fours between you or maybe I should have done things different, but for years, I know you often felt jealous of her. And if any of that is my fault, I am sorry. She has always looked up to you. When she was a baby you could make her laugh better than anyone could and you were her first hero. She loves being Cameron's little sister and everyone knowing her at the ball games and before she got to high school. I am very proud that I see you getting closer as you get older. I love the way that you are so proud of her for doing well in high school and the advice you have for her for A.C.T. stuff and for college. I love that I know you will always look out for her best interst. Being the oldest child, I did not have an older sibling looking out for me. I am so glad that you are her Big Brother!
YOUR SISTER: [Later Spring or Early Summer 1993]

[Christmas Card Photo 1994]

[Vacation 1995]

[December 2004]

How blessed I am to have two beautiful children!
[Wedding Day, May 31, 2008]

FAMILY [not exactly sure on the date of this one--pre-digital for sure, so before 2004]

[Before Prom 2004]

Our family has changed so much over the years from this litle family that I love to coordinate our clothing for holidays & photographs...
[Easter 1994]

...okay that hasn't change, to a larger family..
[Dec. 2005--Christmas Card photo]

...that actually has two families within the one.
[Dec. 2005]

[Vacation 2004]

Cameron, this was our last Christmas with a family of four.
[Christmas 2004]

[Hot Springs, 2006]

[Summer 2007]

Cameron, maybe I get a litttle carried away with the whole family clothing coordination thing from time to time. I know you really didn't want to wear the p.j's last Christmas, but thanks for at least wearing the bottoms for the traditional group photo in front of the tree and to open gifts. I love that even though you are stubborn and head-strong (like so many of us in our family) that you will compromise.
[Christmas 2008]

I also loved that even though the gifts often change (from Ipods to griddles) once you get married that you still have a great attitude.
[Christmas 2008]

Thanks for taking my place at the recent ball at the old captitol building. From what your dad shared with me, you have the potential to benefit from that much more than me. He told me how certain people that were impressed with you when you were worked with them. How much they loved and respected you. Surely your dad and I had something to do with you helping you develop this great character of yours. :-)
[October 2009]
Leadership, sense of humor, compassionate, sensitive, loving, intelligent, head-strong, but yet compromising are all wonder traits that describe the wonderful young man that you are today. I want you to know that we love you not because of all this but because you are ours, our son, brother, a member of our family. We are so proud of you for these and so much more!

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