Friday, November 20, 2009

21st Birthday Post

Disclaimer: After I posted Cameron's 21st Birthday blog post (several days later), I realized that the date was incorrect. Blogger has thing called, "Post Options", meaning you can tell which day you want it to post and even the time. What I did not realize is that it shows up like you posted it the date that you actually posted it. Meaning it shows up as posted 2 days ago on others blog polls. I remember Penny mentioning something along this line when I decided to do the post date/time thing, but I didn't remember the exact problem. Oh well...just wanted to Sate that my son turned 21 one week ago on the 12th not the 10th as was shown as the blog post date.

I know just a trivial little thing, but I can't let it go without clarifying it.

AND ON MORE RECENT NOTE: This week we are very busy with Cari's first ever Nutcracker ballet performances. She danced beautiflly last night. If you are a facebook friend, I have posted a few images from the last two nights. I will try to do a blog post about it soon...key word being TRY.

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