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Yes, I tried to titled like I so often here this man's name, Drew Breeeeezzzzz. My family has been a Saints fans before they ever had their first attempt at the playoffs in 1987. Yes, they had one in 1987 the year before we had our first child. I even dug our the 1987 Saints Playoff sweatshirt that I bought my husband, Randy, for Christmas that year. It was a VERY BIG DEAL! So if that was a big deal, how much more so this year has been with the Saints winning season and at least it was for the first 13 or 14 games or so. As stated before, I am NOT a big sports fan. I am an LSU fan and a SAINTS fans by default and I am really loving being a Saints fan now because of a hero like this guy! How awesome was this: Win the Super Bowl, Make Sure you have Your Little Guy in your Arms and the FIRST WORDS out of your mouth were GOD IS GREAT! The State of Louisiana really needed a hero like this.
I just love his boyish grins and the sincerity that see written all his face and the love that he has for his family, our state and above all God.

A week ago yesterday, my family's beloved team, the New Orleans Saints, won the Super Bowl. Click HERE to read my blog post on Natalie's World as to how we celebrated in New Orleans. The next day on our way home we decided to go to the airport to welcome them home. Click HERE to view that post on this same blog. We were very disappointed to learn that we weren't going to see the leader of this great team, Drew Brees, MVP of the Super Bowl. We quickly heard through the discussion in the crowd the reason he was not coming home with the rest of the team was because he would begin making appearances immediately as MVP of the Super Bowl. So as soon as all the press conferences were over and the rest of the team, were getting ready to fly by home to New Orleans, Drew was headed to Disney World. Yes, I was bit jealous of my good friend, Nicki. She photographed these at the DISNEY WORLD the same day at the "Disney Parks: CELEBRATES SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS" parade at Disney World the next day, Feb. 8, 2010. Click HERE to view her complete post.

Thanks, Nicki, for these photos...

I thought it was quite neat that Drew is wearing the same Saints Fleur de Lis beads that Brittany had picked up for us to wear to the Super Bowl party. See I keep finding more reasons to like this guy.

The next appearance this day was at the David Letterman show. I almost fell asleep waiting for his appearance, but my eyes immediately popped open once he made his appearance.
When we were so tired from driving/riding home, we were thinking at least we'll get home in time to see him with Dave.

While I am not much into Mardis Gras, I really loved this article and I think it really put many of my thoughts and so many people from the state of Louisiana in perspective. Please read this Thank You to Drew post from If you are even bit touched by the Saints pulling this win off, I think this will make you cry too.

Before I read the above article, I found this on facebook fan page (I think) called, "Saints QB Drew Brees talks about Jesus".
EDITTED TO ADD THE MORE DETAILED VERSION OF THIS VIDEO (sent to me via email by Randy) This one is the same as the first link, but it instead:
[Okay, I am having problems getting it to link. Go to YouTube and just do a search to find it. It is called SVT Interview with Dree Brees. I am sure it will come up. Be sure to do this. I think you'll enjoy it.]
It is so refreshing to see a MAN OF GOD represent the state of Lousiana, NFL football team and the winning Super Bowl Quarter Back. Thank you, Drew, from the Ainsworth Family.

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Avery's Mommy said...

I agree. Couldn't have happened to a better guy (not even Peyton!)