Thursday, February 18, 2010

Then and Now THURSDAY

It was THEN: February 18, 1984
...that I met the love of my life, my future husband and the future father of my two children and future grandfather of our grandchildren...I mean at this point, grandchild.
[This photo was actually taken a few months later before my high school graduation, May 1984.]

This is NOW: February 7, 2010.

Yes, today is our Meetaversary. It was 26 years ago today, February 18, 1984 that Randy and I met for the first time. Twenty-one months and 11 days later we were married in a small church right down the road from my home. The end of this year we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. I am hoping and praying that we have a better financial year so that we can celebrate it some grand fashion, but if not, I still love him more than I did on that day, November 29, 1985. Last year, Feb. 18, 2009, I blogged about our Meetaversary Day and did a tribute post to him. Click HERE if you missed it. I listed 25 (because it had been 25 years) reasons why I love him. So I think this I am going to add #26.
26. I love that he has lived up to all my expectations and then some.
He has recently made a stronger committment to Christ than he has ever made in the past. I can honestly tell you that I am more in love with him than ever before. I keep thinking "what I have done to deserve such a man". Nothing...just one of my richest, sweetest blessings in my life.
I love you, Hunny! I look forward to the next 26 years and beyond. I have a feeling it will be even better than the first 26.


The Glenn Gang said...

Great post! So glad to see God blessing your marriage. It is exciting to see Randy getting involved. I remember service Sunday last year when you excitedly told me he had marked things on his card and was ready to jump in. So glad to see God using him to serve in His church. Happy Meetaversary to you both!

Avery's Mommy said...

Love this post. I have no idea what day me and Charlie met. Ooops! :) We always went to school together, I guess thats why? Looking forward to the photo shoot!