Thursday, June 18, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAY (posting a few hours early)

Since Cari recently returned from cheer camp (aka bootcamp), I thought this image from three years ago would be perfect for FLASHBACK FRIDAY (which begins in less than fours hours from the time I am posting this). Cari and Katie will soon begin their junior year of high school at VHS. Katie is on the drill team and Cari a cheerleader for the Vikings. Three years make a huge difference. These girls have grown and changed so much!


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Penny said...

They look so cute!
You don't have to feel bad about not dong an anniversary post for Cameron and Brittany. You had your blog when they got married and posted all about the wedding, reception, and all those gorgeous pictures! I just started this blog in Jan. and this is the only chance I've had to post my child's wedding pictures. =)
Like I said, you do NOT need to feel guilty at all! You do a great job documenting all of your family's special occasions, and even make the ordinary special for them. You really did do their wedding justice!