Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback Friday...

This is Cameron from the Summer of 2004. This was his last season to play "regular" summer ball. He played tournament ball later.
The photo is a little dark as it was getting dark. I have acquired better equipment since then, but dark is dark and you can only get so much light on an image when it is.
This is definitely a flashback image. This was pre-Natalie. It is so hard to remember our lives without her. It seems she has always been a part of our family, but it definitely seems like summer ball has always been a part of our lives. Randy helped coach a league when Cameron was just an infant. He skipped a few years until Cameron was old enough to play. He was just away from us so much. It is very time consuming.
Cameron was just over 4 years old when he started playing. Cari could not remember a summer that she wasn't hanging out at the ball park while her brother played ball. It was often so tiring. We spent too much money at the concession stand. Gained weight too much weight eating nachos and anything fast food after the games to avoid cooking. Sometimes it all seemed never ending, but it ended and it was soooo sad to see a chapter in our lives close. So as much as we got tired of it all, we miss it just as much these days! Funny, isn't that the way life is.


Penny said...

Well, thanks for the sweet comments. That really means a lot! I know you're kidding about quitting. Too many of your loyal clients would hunt you down. LOL You are THE baby photographer. =)
I'm beginning to think the Seniors are a lot easier.
Without a studio, I'm afraid all of my baby pics are going to end up looking alike. Like I said, in my first post on Footprints, I'm just trying to fill a void for some people that honestly can not afford portraits by you, T.G. or Van's, etc. The best I could do when my girls were little was Sears, Howard Bros. or one of the others that set up in the department stores. Then, it broke my heart to only pick one pose or, even worse, have to get the package in the first shot taken. I never could afford to buy any of the other poses. After I got my camera and took just a few outside shots of the grands, I never wanted to go back to Wal-Mart studios again. ha
I went to Van's very few times (this is before you were here and famous=) and got some pretty pictures. But even though he was reasonable I still couldn't afford everything I wanted. He did my oldest daughter's senior pics and we could only afford to get a package with 4 poses. It was disappointing. Anyway, I thought about that when people started asking me to do their kids. People that wouldn't have been able to buy professional portraits. Not having a studio and all that overhead, I don't have to charge a large fee.
BTW Even though I have 6 already, only one of the kids on that blog are "grands." (Leon) LOL The rest are friends and extended family. They are pretty, though, huh?

Penny said...

I almost forgot to comment on your post. hee hee I know what you're talking about. Every ball season, it's fast food or convenient food at home. My stomach does not thank me. LOL Last night we sat and got attacked by swarms of mosquitoes. Guess it was worth it, they won! Only the third time this season, but they won!!
PS I came here to acknowledge your comment because I knew it was gonna be long winded. I didn't want to write a whole post on your professional blog. =)
Thanks again. It really meant a lot to get feedback from a pro. If you see things I can improve, PLEASE tell me. You don't have to give me trade secrets, though. =)

Penny said...

That second comment was extremely flattering! Several months ago, I actually asked one photographer from Jonesville about helping her part time, but she said she didn't have enough business.
I am still teaching at Huntington. This is just a side job for me right now. I'd have a lot to think about and factor into a decision like that, but I'm definitely interested if you do branch out. If so please keep me in mind. I would love to help out and learn some stuff in the process! You can call me when you decide if you really want to try that. Thanks for asking! =)