Sunday, February 8, 2015


ONE YEAR AND A DAY (02.09.14) we picked up our new baby...
Typical Sunday:   church (wonderful worship and message as Randy and I viewed it from the sound booth—as I did power point and he did sound along one other),  lunch at local restaurant (visiting with church family and friends throughout that time) and then home for my Sunday nap and then me alone while Randy goes to a deacon meeting.  Almost the same as a year ago today (1 plus one day), except a year ago this empty nest family adopted our little 4-legged baby, Izzy.  Planning to do a full post of her tomorrow.  But today I am making sure I still know how to blog. LOL  [I actually remembered that he had a meeting a year ago too because Randy complained that I purposely planned it on the day he had a meeting so I could bond more/first with her. I know he was teasing, but I think it was one of those half-teasing-half-serious statements.  Of course, it just so happened to work out that it was this date.]

It has been so loooong since I blogged.

Okay, I am really out of practice and blogger has had many updates/changes since I did this regularly...even then I remember struggling to get photos the order I wanted them in.  If anyone reads this and would like to give me any hints, all are welcome.  This is a test post a little sneak peak...

 The above photo is before we actually met Izzy and her siblings.  This her and her first family.  I wished I knew wished one was her, but I can't even guess.  They really all looked alike to me.  All we knew was we wanted a small Yorkie.  I really don't know much about picking out puppies, but I did meet her parents too.  So I knew she would indeed be a small adult dog.

 I wanted this most recent photo to appear last, but like I stated I have forgot how to do that.  This was taken right after Christmas.  She was showing a two-year how to sit still a chair. LOL  Well, she tired!  The beautiful, two-year old was not that interested. ;-)

 This last image will forever be one of my favorites.  Natalie went to church with us a year ago (like she so often does) and then after lunch (before going home), we went to pick up our new baby.  I love this photo so much because it is my two babies:  my little sweetheart (Natalie) and my little Sweetie PIe (Izzy).  As look at it closer, I know Izzy was probably a little terrified about why she was leaving, but she adapted to her new family pretty easily.

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