Monday, February 9, 2015

Gotcha Day Story

I guess I am going to add random images and then my Gotcha Day Story.  I am taking phrase "Gotcha" like I have seen people doing that have adopted children.  The official day that they become legal into their adopted family is being referred to as Gotcha Day.  Today was year ago that we had our Gotcha Day with our Izzy.

These images are random are images because I am having trouble getting to some of them especially those in between ages when she was so adorable...

 This was Izzy's First Christmas with our family.  It was Maggie's 2nd and she was only allowed in the house for this family photo since we did one last year when was a puppy.  And I have no idea how many times Pixie has been in this shot.  We also have another "human" in this one too!  Cari's BF from Monroe.  I will save that story for later if/when it comes to fruition.  It was good Christmas!  I love that I have this keepsakes to cherish our memories for every.

 Izzy in her Santa pajamas.  Everyone thought I was a little cruel for making her wear them.  I a few months earlier I had met someone who has a teacup Yorkie and she had all the cute pajamas for her and she told me she found them on Amazon.  I purchased Izzy several (but most ended up being to small--imagine that!), but I saved these for our Christmas.  I must admit she isn't thrilled about them.

 I did this mini photo session of Izzy and Ellie right before Christmas to give a little extra gift for Cari.  Ellie is such a poser.  She tilts her head! LOL
I did a few of both dogs alone also.

 Like I said earlier, random order.  This was captured Izzy's first week in our family.  I did a mini session with natural light in my bedroom in front of our french door at our balcony.  I didn't feel like cleaning/straightening my studio to do her first portrait session for her Birth Announcement/Valentine's Day cards.  She was stinking cute and sweet!

 And this how we commemorated, Izzy's First Birthday!  I made her take portraits.  So not her thing, but she obliged.  It would have been fun or cute to have a little doggie party or little family party, but like humans born on the 26th of December, she will just probably get jilted every year too.

The next 3 images are from my Easter Portrait Event.  I think she was about 12 weeks old at them and at one of her all time cutest phases. I wanted to add more photos of this age and maybe I will and maybe I won't--this may already be image overload!

 (above) Don't you want to know what she was thinking about the bunny and vice versa?
It was funny how she wasn't much bigger than them either.  She was so sweet!

 (above)  I think this is my favorite.  I need to print and frame it.  The only one I printed and frame so far has been from the recent Christmas Sessions.

This last one is her sporting this cute little Christmas Sweater that I found at the last minute at Walmart in Natchez.  I looked for them everywhere before I did our Christmas Portraits (first of December) and couldn't find one locally and I wasn't about to pay a fortune to order one online since she wouldn't wear it very long since the season would end soon.  I ended up getting her 3 or 4 by the middle of December.  Not sure if they got them late or what!

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