Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Right off the bat, I remember a real frustration that I had with blogging and Mac computers.  I had this blog post completely typed out and about ready to post.  I was just proofreading it and I slid my hand across the mouse and it went back AND I LOST IT ALL.
So I will try again.  After 16 months since I made a post, I think it is about time.  The truth of the matter is if I had not become Facebook junkie about 7 years ago, I think I would have continued to blog my thoughts, my photos and definitely my memories.  The nice thing about Facebook is you receive more immediate feedback and validation comes within that.  I don’t know about you, but I crave affirmation.  I think most of us do.

I have made a new decision this week.  I am going to start a new blog and maybe start posting on this one again on a regular basis. This was my 3rd blog.  My first was a business blog that I see I haven’t posted since 2012…again Facebook was more effective.  I started a business page and used it as means to advertise, connect with others and share images from recent sessions, which often led to new bookings.  My 2nd blog was inspired by my first granddaughter where I shared photos, memories and special events in her life as viewed by Mimi, me.  My 3rd was started after she moved to Baton Rouge to blog about our lives or in other words journal about life in my family that may not necessarily include her.

My new blog won’t be about memories or my loved ones although I am sure they will creep into it too since they are so much of my life.   This one will be about my journey into Whole30 living and whole living (sharing how God is making me whole through recovery).  Food is my drug of choice.  I will share as I begin a new round of Whole30 and a brand new journey.  This past year I have dealt with some physical pain and emotional pain, which led me into regressing and slipping back into some (many) of my old food habits.  Food for me is often my friend, my comforter…my friend that leads me to destruction not my friend that leads into Christ’s will for me.  I know whole eating can be my friend too in a healthy way.  When I began my first round in October 2015, it began to change me in a most awesome way.  I began to feel better than I had in years!   Everything in my life seemed better except for my chronic back pain, which I hope to share more on later.  I should save the rest of my Whole30 inspiration to the new blog.  The new blog will be to inspire others, hold me accountable (I even plan to share my present weight and be real) and hopefully as I learn more about this type of blogging I will be able to monetize it too.    Prayerfully this is the direction that God has been leading me too.  I have been at crossroads for a while now kind of stuck, not sure which way to go next.  Have you ever been on that road?

For now I will share this photo that makes me smile.  It means there is a crawling little one in our family again.  Children are a gift from the Lord.  She has brought much joy into our lives.  I keep her on Mondays and Fridays.  When she is here, you will hear many ooohs and ahs from this Mimi and her Poppa too and lots of laughter from all three of us.  I will try to do some catching up from some of my last posts.  I will designate a post or two all about Avery Kate: her birth story as viewed by Mimi, some images from her newborn sessions, and some more images along the way up to the present.  So stay tuned if you want to see hear more about the new blog or my family.


ps:  I couldn't leave you here without one recent image of our newest little one, our little Sweet Pea:  Avery Kate...
 This is from the mini session I took of her last Friday, St.Patrick's Day.  This image is actually coming off the background a bit...but it will just have to remain that way because no way and I cropping those little fingers which I have to do to crop it out. 

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