Monday, March 27, 2017

"Some Bunny Loves Me"

When you have bunnies at your house to do a few Bunny Portraits for your dear friend before the actual sessions and your granddaughter comes to your house wearing a cute little bunny outfit that you bought her before she was born, you must try to capture a few images of her with a bunny.

However, the only smile images that were captured were directed toward the bunnies rather than the Mimi/photographer.

As you can see this little sweet pea doesn't have to smile to make a timeless, priceless image:
 "Some Bunny Loves Me"

I do believe this little one loved her first encounter with bunny.  She would giggle at them and oh yeah,  she wanted poke him in the eye which was one of the reasons this Mimi decided she could only do a few of these without help.

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