Friday, September 19, 2008

Work, Work...


That's definitely the story of my life.
My blog regulars are probably wondering what's going on...that is unless you regular view JAMI AINSWORTH PORTRAITS too. You can see that I have had several new posts these last 2 weeks. I had many topics that I have wanted to post a little something about several different issues that in the air, in the media and/or my mind like McCain/Palin, 9-11 anniversary, Hurricane Ike and some personal issues. All of this has been going on since my last post almost 2 weeks ago. I may go back and discuss them just so that I can remember them. Blogging really is a great way to remember things by documentation of the events in your life. I have already found myself look back at Natalie six months in the past to remember something. I have suggested this to my friend who has a new grandbaby. It's like a baby book/journal/scrapbook all rolled into one. And yet it is something easy to share with friends and family...what's going in your life and baby (children's) new accomplishment. Which I will use this point to remind me to mention Cari's first day of dance was this week (09.15.08)...well not her first day ever, but her first day at this new school and first day since she was in elementary. But I will give the rest of this story on a later post. But I do encourage others to blog and I want to find a fine line of not getting to busy to do this, but not so into that I don't get other work done. I will pray about this. I definietly this it is worth it!
I spend last week editing and getting several sessions caught up. I finished one more this week. I thought I would finish all of them, but several things have come up, but I have also got all my orders caught up and stayed on the new orders as they have come in. And I am also knee deep in the middle of catching up on some paperwork/organizing and some serious tax stuff that I am behind on. There just aren't enough hours in the day and when I push myself beyound the normal working hours. I get exhausted and realize that even if there were enough hours in the day, there wouldn't be enough hours that I felt great enough to accomplish everything that I desired to accomplish. So God teach me to take one day at time and accept that I am only one person.
Back to my first statement. Even when I work I play. The next two images were taken before my trip to Baton Rouge to take Natalie home and take groceries to Cameron and Brittany to replace so much that they lost in the storm from no power to keep food cold. That's was a "Play Day"...I wasn't here in the office (okay it's my home, but if I worked for someone else it would my working, but I definitely was working. Buy groceries is always work not much fun in that, huh? Add a 3 yr. old to the cart and it's definitely not play.
It is definitley time consuming to document all the little things you want to remember and hard to take the time to take pictures for all the little things, but I try even though it's work (too). So I got a few images of Natalie with the cart full of groceries. She was really tired at this point. She didn't want to look at me. I don't remember what she was wanting at the time (I should have done this sooner so that I would remember), but I told her she couldn't have it if she didn't look at me for the photo. The sun was hot and bright so I didn't much of a smile. After a few images, I put her in her car seat and put her movie for her to get content while proceeded to load a cart full of groceries in a SUV that was already pretty full of things to take to BR. It was so hot (over the weekend it was cooler more fall like which is probably why it seemed so hot). Before I got the 2nd bag in the car, Natalie was out. She slept all the way to BR even through the bumper to bumper traffic just before we got to their exit.

I have notes on little stories that I still haven't posted about Natalie. Hopefully I can learn to balance and manage my time that I can add them sooner or later. But I have one that I want to remember from this day. I don't guess it's a story, but I want to post it just remember it.
As I was almost through Natalie was getting very tired thus she was becoming a little disrespectful (hard to explain, but she makes these ugly faces and just acts disresptful). Of course, it was frustrating to me because I was already getting tired too and frustrated over the inability to find some of the things on Brittany's list. Then I remembered the game we played in the car over the weekend on our way to my mom's when she was getting tired of the drive and wanted to know if we were almost there. I SPY! I recently introduced it to her (I think it was the evening we sat on the porch before I cooked supper...the night we got our A/C back!). I was amazed as to how quickly she understood this game. We often played this on road trips when my children were young. It was much more fun in the grocery store with lots of colors than it was in the car almost dark. Though she does seem to understand it, she tends to blurt out what she's spying before we have chance to figure it out.
Okay, a long post for a long absence! How's that!

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