Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today is Wednesday, September 3, 2008, two days after the Hurrican Gustav made landfall and two days after Labor Day. What a holiday this was!

Days before the Hurricane we started hearing the warnings from the different media sources.

Friday evening Natalie's other grandmother drove to St. Francisville to get Natalie so that we could share her this Labor Day weekend. The plan was for me to take her back to B.R. on Labor Day. Randy also listening to the Hurricane information and planned evacution plans mentioned to me that surely they know that she won't be returning until Tuesday or Wednesday...probably Wednesday. He had heard that they would not be letting people back until then. And so far this is what has been true. (at least this is as we heard it on the radio)

I started this post first thing this a.m. It is now lunchtime and we have intentions of going to Baton Rouge. After Randy made it a few phone calls, we have been told that we can get to B.R. We plan take some gas to Cameron and Brittany and bring Cameorn's car back home on a trailer. It won't crank.

Earlier this morning I was getting really sick with worry about them. Some reports are that B.R. may be w/o power for another week and some may be as early as the evening. Late yesterday and this morning, we had not been able to get through using cell phones which is pretty much the only means of communication right now. We were getting concerned if they had enough food. Because they have been out of power longer than us. So I knew their refrigerated food must be spoiled by now. But more than anything at the time, we just didn't know since we had not talked to them in while.

Finally Randy got through. He kept trying because he didn't won't to go to all this trouble to go get them and then for some reason they not be there. At first Cameron wasn't that concerned and said they were fine. He seemed to think they would soon have power because a lot of LSU did. So Randy, Cari and I still contemplated what to do.

We decided that once Randy tries to get something set up so that he could bring Cameorn's car back on the trailer that we would leave to here to get them. We would take gas for Brittany's car and bring Cameron's back on the trailer. Normally the trailer thing would not be that complicated, but just days ago Randy was in an auto accident involving his truck and a trailer. Sunday afternoon he was on his way to the lake to get the ski boat out of the lake before the storm came. He was pulling the boat trailer. He decided to stop at the 84 (our convenience know the one...everybody has one...the one they always like to shop at their convenience). So Randy needed to get a few things and he decided it would be easier to stop now on his way to the lake rather than coming back pulling the boat. Traffic was very heavy because of all the evacuation traffic. Because of pulling the trailer he could just pull up in there like he normally would. He continued to watch his rear view mirror for traffic behind him...all of sudden he heard brakes screeching and looked up to see someone was coming at him. He braced himself to the steering wheel. A truck hit him and tore the boat trailer that he was pulling and his the backend of the truck and also the trailer hit. So now he was has to see if he can get his hitch to work so that he can use it to pull another trailer.

That's where we stand at this moment as I type this. Many people in this area have been out of power though I think many have been restored. School has been canceled at LSU for the rest of the week. Cari's school was cancelled for Tuesday and Wednesday, but we still aren't sure about Thursday. We have had a generator here for about 24 hours now. It is giving us enough power to wash, use computer (obviously), keep refrigerator running, lights and ceiling fans (no A/C). As much as we're missing air conditioning, it is much easier to sleep under ceiling fans than it was the night before w/no air moving.

It has sort of been like a "snow-day" w/o the snow! We played scabble Monday evening by lantern. Yesterday evening (after Randy finished helping others), we watched movies in the bedroom (not using our big TV). It has been an interesting and different last few days!

Overall I think Lousiana got it pretty tough with all the fallen trees and power lines. The impact wasn't as strong or dramatic as Katrina, but the overal spreadage and power outage has been much worst for the state of Louisiana.

I a few images that I will add later, but first I will probably add the boat trailer images since those are the only that I have ready.

Thanks to everyone who saw this storm coming and prayed in advance. It has been yucky! But it could have been so much worse


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Cristi said...

Let me know how is was getting to Baton Rouge as Calley is suppose to be delivering a baby there any time. School is out on Thursday for students but we have to go in. We will let folks know about Friday once all has been looked at. (Wondering about school lunch availability as well) Glad yall are all ok. Talk to you soon.