Thursday, August 28, 2008


YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY... This image was caputured about 3 years ago. She was about a month old. Her smiles were coming more and more often. I soon discovered that darling little dimple as I continued to fall in love with this new little bundle of joy!
It was September before we got birth annoucements out. The photographer's stuff always gets put on the back burner because she is too busy with everyone else's portraits!

What a contrast newborn baby and almost 3 yr. old...


I have no desire to get back into pageants (like I did when Cari was little), but we did put Natalie in a local pageant. Can you believe we did NOT win photogenic with this. This is what would win in the typical pageant Cari entered. This image has a little more retouching and contrast than normal portraits, but this is was the style for photogenic entries.

THIS WAS THE BIRTHDAY WISH THAT I HAD IN THE LOCAL PAPER BEFORE NATALIE'S FIRST BIRTHDAY. We never got around to doing a birth annoucement in the same local paper. I guess we were all adjusting to life with a new little one. So I wanted to do something special and this was what I came up with...the above image. To view it larger so that you read the text, click on the image.

The next three images are the images used in the ad.

She is approximately 2-3 weeks old in this image. I don't remember exactly which because I had to do the session twice to get the images that I was trying to capture. When we wanted her asleep, she wanted to be awake. When we wanted her awake, she wanted to sleep. Yes, a typical newborn portrait session, but since she was "ours", we could try again. I am so gald we did, because these are some of my most favorite images ever!

This next image is from her 6-month portrait session. She was such happy baby...which made everyone who loved her and took care of her happy too!

This one was done about a week before her official one-year portrait session that I did in Hot Springs when we were there on vacation. It, too, is also still one of my favorite images!

The last few weeks I have found myself reminiscing about the last few years...I wonder why!

As I was doing this I found myself staring at some of my most precious images that I have captured over the last 3 years.

And of course, I want to share this with you:

Okay, I goofed again.
I starting writing before I added the images and the images always come up above the text when I do it this way. Sorry...

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