Friday, August 15, 2008


To view more images that were taken when this one was go to Natalie's World. This the link:
I had to take Cari to her regular orthodontist appointment early yesterday. This image and several others were taken then (as Natalie and I were leaving the house). We had to check Cari out of school and then take her back. I think she only missed on class.

At one point, Natalie seemed to have fun entertain the people waiting in the waiting room. One older gentlemen asked if she was reply, "No, she just turned 3." Yeah, I know. My friend, Tanya, who used to teach Kindergarten says that she acts more like a 4 year old too. She quite growny acting at times and then sometime she says a baby. That reminds how I remember when Cari was younger ( a little older than this), she would say that she didn't want to grow up. How did she know at such a young age that being young is so much more fun?


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