Monday, August 11, 2008


ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL! Cari just minutes before her ride arrived to take her to school for the first day of school of her sophomore year. As you can see she is holding her camera. I don't know if she took any photos today on her first day, but she took the camera thinking she might. I hope she did.
Can you tell she got a great tan this summer?

Often I will convert images to black and white. I like bw, but if the coloring seems off or focus, bw always seems to do the images justice. Sometimes I think that other people think (and I do to) that all my images should be perfect. They are soooo far from it. But this last year, since I started blogging (almost a year ago now), that I have decided that less than perfect images are much better than no images to remember our memories....because they definitely WORTH RMEMBERING:

She has a gorgeous smile. She always has, but I do look forward to seeing it w/o braces. I know she does too.

Okay...that was it. Cari's First day of school for the school year 2008-2009. It was raining outside. I mean pouring down.

I haven't been great at documenting my families adventures the last decade. I was so into it when mine were little, but when you take your hobby and make it your career, you seem to really slack on your personal stuff. So that's what blogging has done for me. It has brought me to a new modern day style of documenting, scrapbook....however you want to put it of saving our memories. I have never stop taking photos of my families...Ijust haven't had the time to record the thoughts and memories that go with them. I intend to make the time now. It really is the things that really matter to me.

My second post on the new blog.



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Karen said...

I can hardly believe it! Cari is a sophomore?!? She is gorgeous, Jami. I have been 'spying' on you through your wonderful blogs - so glad I found you. I miss you guys! I would love to see all of you in person. You all look great in the photos. Maybe we can meet up in LP one day, huh?
I love you ALL-