Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have no photos of this day, but I was just thinking about it and I thought I would make this blog a little more about remembering and venting...not just photographs with a little text...okay a lot of text. Everyone knows that I love to talk, that is once I get started, and that I talk like I write.

Yesterday, was Tuesday, August 12th, Cari's 2nd day of school and first day with her new sitting, but I am sure the boys would rather we call it kid-sitting because they are far from babies. One of the boys is in junior high and Cari is suppose to tutor him in math. In fact, he would probably rather it be sitting his younger sib and just tutoring him. With all that said, I think it went great. When we bought groceries at Wal-mart a few days earlier Cari had the idea of baking cookies for the boys for her first day. She was little nervous about it and wants them to like her. I don't think she has to worry about that though...she's very likable.

So Monday night she made homeade cookies for them...okay, they came in a roll from the dairy dept. at from wal-mart, but she baked them (along with a little help from Natalie) and they were baked at THEY ARE HOMEMADE, UH? Is there any other kind of homemade these days? We each enjoyed a cookie that night and she saved the rest of them for her "new" friends...well she actually already knows the older boy pretty well from their youth group at church. She is scheduled to watch the boys after school three days a week, Tues., Wed., and Thurs. All and all I think it went well. She is still excited about the prospect of making some of her own money...she certainly loves spending!

Her 2nd day of school seemed to go well too. She's excited about learning Spanish. We just returned from our cruise that made two stops in Mexico. She is really wishing that she had this class last year before we went. I am sure that her teacher is pleased to have an eager student like that. I received many compliments the last few years from her teachers as to what a pleasure she was to them as their student. She can be quite moody (which I guess is normal for a 15 yr. old), but when she is in a good mood she ecstatic and very contagious and usually very excited to learn...TEACHER'S LOVE THAT! (especially most kids don't even want to be there)

Other than the rain storm that we enountered last night after we got home that tore a limb from a tree that fell on a power line that blew a fuse at the light poll that made awful pop sound while Randy was on the roof checking on a leak that scared me to pieces, we had a pretty much uneventful evening after the electricy was restored.

I doubt that I will document every day, but I would like to use this as a source for friends and family to keep up with the milestones big and small in our lives along with some photos from time to time. I know many of my family have enjoyed Natalie's Blog and since it is changing directions this fall, I wanted to create something directed more toward my whole family...not just my little sweetheart. She never minded sharing her space, but I think this is more appropriate.

Okay, I have to get to work. I hate this feeling of so much to do that I don't know where to get started. I think I will start with my shower and making my bed. Sometimes it is really hard working at home and keeping all the balance with that. From time to time, I think that I would like to something else so that photography could be just for fun again, but then I know I would really miss it and would end up back in the middle of it again somehow, someway.



The Glenn Gang said...

Who is she babysitting?

Jami Ainsworth said...

The David's Knapp's boys..