Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Just a quick post to let everyone know THEY DID IT! They moved to Baton Rouge yesterday. I didn't fall apart yet. I am sure I will have moments of that in the days to come. I know I have already had some of "my moments" just thinking about it all.

But I am sure as I am re-grouping and re-organizing around here, I will be reminded about all the joy My Little Sweetheart has brought into our lives. Her presence is in everyroom around here.

There are constant reminders of all the laughter and good times we had with her. Her things remind of us her very individual personality that is uniquely hers and hers alone.

Her photos remind me of what a beautiful child she is and how she is a melting pot of everyone who loves her. She really does look like everyone. How we could we not all love her so much when we see so much of ourselves within her.

I do have a few images to add soon. Today I am trying to re-cover from the last few weeks from birthday party to vacation to still unpacking and washing from the last few weeks. To be quite honest, I haven't even looked at the images. "Imagine that!"

Today is Natalie's first full day of her new school (daycare). I plan to call her late today to find out about all about that. I am sure Cameron and Brittany are excited about the first "real" place as a family of three. (I know they had place available to stay this summer. I am glad they had the place her mom provided and I know they were too, but it's nothing like being on your own. It's a great feeling. Feelings like that you never forget. I still remember mind and Randy's first places like they were yesterday and how proud we were to be there!)

I will keep you posted as Natalie's New World progresses and the way we will REMEMBER it.
Stay tuned to see images available soon!

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