Monday, August 25, 2008


I am posting just a few images from the lake on this blog. Most of them will be on Natalie's World:

This is one of the first images of Natalie and her Poppa fishing.

Cari and Alexa on the jet ski...
Natalie "cheesing" for the camera. I think this after we took her for her first ride on the jet ski. I am not sure she enjoyed too much the first time, but she did the 2nd time.

Edited to say: is the web page address for this blog. I just looked at this and I now realize that the above image is the only that I have it correct. I need to create me a new brush in photo shop like I did for my other two blogs. It is so much simplier...not to mention that I should get it right each time, huh? LOL

I really don't like just posting images w/o anything on them because they are so easy to still. I just have take to time to do a new brush for this one too.

Cari and Alex just before going home.

To avoid duplicating my blogs...posts that involve Natalie will still be on Natalie's World. Since this day involved Natalie most of the story and images are there. I will say she had a fun day. She was completely happy all day. I don't remember not one complaint out of that little girl all day. And if you know her very well you know that is saying a lot. But after all, the day was pretty much full of everyone entertaining her from swimming with her in the lake to fishing with her to riding the jet ski. I don't even think she complained when it was time to go home.

She didn't even complain about wearing the life jacket all afternoon (once after we put it on her, she wanted to take if off, but explained to her we would have to go home if she took it off...that was it...not another word about it). I know we all felt comfortable with her wearing it the whole time...we knew if she got too excited running and slipped and fell into the lake that all would be fine with her life jacket on. In fact, I noticed a little burn mark on her upper leg (almost her groin area). I realized it was the strap of the life jacket. Man, did I fell bad. Maybe we should have had it a little looser. I was so surprized that she never complained about the rubbing. I guess she was too busy having fun!

I am so glad that we had this fun day with friends and family.


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