Thursday, August 14, 2008


Cameron brought Natalie over late yesterday afternoon. So not much work done around here. After we played a little, I read her a long book, Pinnochio that she found in Cari's room (She recently watched on VHS at her mommy's. She was watching in one day when I had to go by there). Of course, she didn't want to take a nap. But after we read the long book. She had one more short one that she wanted me to read. And since I just been cleaning around her Elmo bed she wanted to go to her bed instead of snuggling with me (sniff, sniff). I laid there a few minutes...I probably even snoozed a few and before I knew it she was asleep too.

After Randy finished working, we took her to McDonald's playland. Soon after we got there Randy, had to leave to go pick up Cari. So Natalie got in some good play time. They called when they were on the way back for me to order food. Then after Natalie ate her chicken strips she was allowed to slide down two more times, then one more, the one more time about three more times. Randy and Cari made fun of me for that..."last time" call. Then finally she ended up throwing a mild tantrum. But she got over it quickly.

All and all it was another fun little adventure with our sweetheart and some photographs to go with the memories. The rest of them will be posted on Natalie's World:

To avoid double posting, please view the rest of the story at the above link.

I don't know if I have time to post them. But I did a few images of Natalie early today. Randy took Cari to school when her "ride" decided not to take her (not real sure why). I had to finish getting ready and get Natalie ready because I had to pick Cari up early to take her to the orthodontist. Great News! She may get them off soon!

That's it for now.

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