Thursday, August 14, 2008


This isn't new news any longer. But since this is a new blog I wanted to add a little short post and the links to the other blogs for those who are more interested and want to know more.
Randy received the news just before Christmas. He was honored at the Annual Awards Banquet in Memphis at the end of February. We were all there to support him.
This next image is the Ex. VP (my mind is blank to name at this time) of the Southern Cotton Ginner's Association and Randy. He is shaking Randy's hand as he is presenting him with the plaque. After this moment, Randy gave his acceptance speech. I wished I had it on video. He did an awesome job. I didn't know he could be such great speaker...I don't think any one suspected this (including him).

The Ginner of the Year and His Family (everyone except B--she had ball tournaments and could not be in two places at once--she was real torn about this--but Randy and I understood)
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Congratulations, Poppa!

Anyway, this is worth mentioning again. Randy was only the fourth ginner in Louisiana to receive this honor and the youngest of all ginners.

How cool is that!


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