Saturday, August 23, 2008


Could your 3-year old recognize a memory card?
I don't guess ours did either, but almost. I guess it makes sense for a photographer's child or grandchild to recognize or think she found a memory card.
Yes, I know I should be posting images from the last week's event. They're still coming, but I want to include this little story before a few more days pass by and I forget it. They came home just days after moving the B.R. Brittany's car broke down and Cameron's needed some maintanence work done.
While Natalie was in my room, she picked up something that she thought was a memory card. I wasn't even aware that she knew anything like memory cards existed. We never talked about them before. I am still not sure if she know what they do, but this is how it went:
  • Mimi, here's your memory card. (Natalie)
  • No, that's not a memory card. That's Poppa's cell phone battery. (Mimi)

Too funny, huh? I guess between all the converstations of "let me get those images off the memory card", "I need to get another memory card", "don't forget the memory card", etc. that shes couldn't help to learn about memory cards.

They (children) definitely learn when we don't even realize it!


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