Wednesday, August 27, 2008


For the 2nd day in a row, Natalie did not cry when Brittany took her to her daycare. I was going to post it here yesterday attaching the link to Natalie's World with the rest of the story, but my day slipped away from me.

Actually, my day went late into the night. I am starting to feel better and get re-motivated with my new business plans that I hope to announce soon.

But for now, I am still extremely behind and since I got caught up in blogging, I stayed up late to create some sample birth annoucements for a client. I did follow through on a promise. I never intend to has just been a little overwhelming lately and I don't always come through for myself and my clients. That makes me sad too, but I am trying to get over this sadness and get going again.

Again, thank you to everyone praying for us. I know this isn't like a sick child or parent, but it is matters of the heart. That little girl has been my heart and now a part of my heart is missing.

Okay, I am getting back to work.

I promise!


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