Sunday, August 17, 2008


I do not have any images to add at this time from the weekend, but it is almost over. And tomorrow Natalie, her daddy, and her mommy move to BR. I can't believe this summer has flown by so fast. Summer of 2008:
  • The first few weeks we were consumed with all the final details of a wedding. All the events that go along with that.
  • The next week Cameron and Brittany were gone on their honeymoon cruise. I will try to go back and post an image from their trip since I have files on my hard drive. There was one or two of them that I really liked that they must have asked someone else to capure for them.
  • The same week Cari was gone to church camp.
  • While they both of them were gone, we got a new bigger above ground pool because we knew Cari and Natalie would really enjoy it this summer.
  • Then the next week was VBS. Cari and I both volunteered. Cari worked with the 1st grade group and I worked in the nursery taking care of babies
  • Then before we knew it, it was Father's Day after he had worked that day, Cameron cooked for both Dad's and the rest of us too.
  • Also during June my aunt from Florida came to Louisiana for a visit and
  • And Natalie and Cari both went to the their First Big Circus!
  • Then July was here before we knew it...our country another year older.
  • Natalie enjoyed watching the Flotillia on Lake St. John and eating watermelon
  • Cari volunteered for another week at church for S.M.A.C.K. (Students Music Activity Camp for Kids...I think that is right, any readers please comment and correct me if I got this wrong.) But she had another exciting and exhausting week.
  • Cari finished reading two more Harry Potter books (almost finishing the 2nd while on vacation). She says she feels like such a geek reading them, but she enjoyed this last one the most because it was the only she had not previously seen the movie since it has not come out yet. She only has one more. Last summer started the series when I encouraged her to do some reading to help her with ACT scores. She found the set of the first three books that I had bought Cameron after he read the first one. Though I don't think he ever really got into them after reading the first one.
  • Vidalia got a new Mexican Restaurant...well, that doesn't happen everyday in big "V'town"!
  • Some quick preparation of a Dora/Diego Style Fiesta Birthday for a three-year got under way and less than two weeks later..
  • NATALIE TURNED THREE YEARS OLD and had a ball at her 3rd birthday fiesta!
  • She got her first set of golf clubs on her "real" birthday
  • Less than a week later, Randy and I took Cari and my niece, Brooke, on a cruise to Mexico
  • And a few days after returning, Cari is back to school...HER FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL AS A SOPHOMORE...
  • And on the same day, I start a new blog to start blogging about my whole family...not just MY LITTLE SWEETHEART
  • Brittany starts a blog to tell about Natalie in Tiger Land (aka Baton Rouge)
  • TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY (The family of three of my family of six move into their apartment on the LSU campus.)
  • Natalie will start her daycare/preschool (The Learning Center). She will probably start Tuesday since she probably won't get there early enough tomorrow.
  • Next week (the last week of August), Cameron starts his 2nd year at LSU and Brittany will have her first day of college also at LSU.


Each year, I think, I sort of dread the fall and the whole back-to-school thing. This year...even more so. I think because it means another year is almost over, another season almost finished and it will soon be another ginning season. You would think after over 20 years of being the wife of a cotton ginner, one would get used to it. I guess to certain point I have, but the fall is never an easy time for me or my family or most definitley not for Randy.

So that's where I am today...looking at how quickly another season has come and gone and anticipation of the unknown, of a new season, a new era in our lives. The unknown is always a little scary, uh?


P.S. I will post photographs later. We had a fun day at the lake yesterday, a nice service at church today, and a fun lunch at that new restaurant in Vidalia. I have images from the lake and some from today at the restaurant and in the pool after lunch. Even Cari is beginning to feel some of the sadness knowing Natalie will soon be living 2 hours away. She sat with us at church rather than in the front with the youth. I asked why she wasn't sitting with them and she said it was because it was Natalie's last Sunday with us. I know she will spend weekend time with us and I am sure lots of holidays too, but there is just something sad about today knowing that this really is sort of her last day living here.

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