Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yes, I think that's how she worded it. Okay...I copied it:

"In the true spirit of Ebay I would like to offer $5.00 for this dress since it has been worn. I am looking at the other prices of pretty yet worn dresses, and they seem to be lower than higher. " This is what I am selling.

I actually feel guilty selling it this low. It was gift for Natalie her 2nd Christmas. I often didn't have her as much on church days and she only wore this very nice dress one time. I don't even think I washed it because it wasn't there is no fading, pilling, etc. that often accompanies washing clothes. By the next season, it was too small.
So this is a venting post. For some reason this really irritated me, I am knee deep in the middle of getting ready for a big garage sale to sale some of Natalie's "like new" clothes that she didn't wear often enough because I buy too much. I love dressing her like a little doll. So I tend to get caught up in it. Now I need to re-cover some of my money so that I can buy more...maybe not. I am trying not to buy as much now...only special things.

Are you curious as to my response? "In the spirt of ebay, you either bid or pass! " Am I not right? That's what an auction is bid or not. I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. trying to set up auctions for things that I thought I could get more via ebay than a garage sale...I haven't always had the best of luck selling on ebay...I think a lot of it is timing--I've never been too great with timing. But yet I have sold many things on ebay for prices that would never happen at a garage sale. [I stayed up late because a 3 day auctions would end Friday night just in time to try to sell the items that do not sale.]

Randy and Cari were proud of my response...yes, it does sort of sound like a "smart a-- answer", so I didn't leave at that. I did ellaborate about the nices ness of the dress and that I don't do "reserve" auctions...that I prefer to open my auctions with the least that I want for an item."

Okay, I am through. I have many things to finish marking and signs to make too...well at least wording of the signs...I need to compose it and then Cari will do the signs. I just didn't want to let this one go yet. I am just shocked at this request. I know I have been watching something ebay before and the seller has literally canceled an auction...was she selling to someone like this? It really urked me and I think this is against ebay rules. I believe in fairness to all.

EDITED: I didn't check the link immediately afterward. I came back and checked it and then I read the posts. Let me see if it works now.


The Glenn Gang said...

The link didn't work. Send it to me so I can see. I'm curious now.

Cristi said...

I cant see the dress.

Anonymous said...

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