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HOT AIR BALLOON AS VIEWED FROM MY CAMERA LENS For those of you who are not familiar with this image in relationship to this area, I will give a little brief history. Each year Natchez/Vidalia had the Great Hot Air Balloon Race (I think that's the title). Years ago before moving here, I remember viewing some photographs that my cousin took when she and her mom came here...actually she is the person who got me into photography...she later went to nursing school while I went in debt and bought professional camera and studio supplies. Okay, back the balloons...then one year I was on my way with my children to Baton Rouge on Saturday morning in October and I saw the balloons as we drove the through Vidalia and Natchez. It was years after we moved here, before we actually witness this great local event. The first few years it was a Saturday morning that we had AVA (peewee) football games. Then finally Cameron playing junior high football so we got up early that Saturday morning, but it was too windy and /or too cool...I am not sure what standards they require. This seemed to happen for several years in a row. Then finally one year I got to the seem them come in the afternoon after we were finishing shopping at the flea market on the Vidalia side.

So this year, Randy had the opportunity to go with us to see them. This is has been the strangest fall for us because he hasn't been ginning cotton 24/7 like he usually is doing this time of year. We went Friday night to balloon glow, rode the ferris wheel...which I wanted to scared Cari...I guess she has her daddy's fears of height. I'm okay about heights though no fast spinning ride for me! My stomach can't take it! Natalie and Brittany met us there. I didn't have my camera to document this. Brittany did take some. Maybe she will post some on Natlie's TigerLand soon. I know she has been busy hasn't had a chance...I can't say much can I since this was about two weeks ago, but better late than never, huh?

The next morning Cari, Randy and I got up early and went to the Vidalia Riverfront to watch them take off. It was really cool so were wondering if that was why they weren't coming yet. Finally by 8:00 a.m. we went to Micky D's for breakfast and decided to drive to Natchez to see if we could see any there. We had only seen one earlier take off and it went toward Natchez. They usually come toward Lousiania. Randy has often seen them land in the gin yard and then take off again. So started seeing them as we were driving through Natchez---the first time I really enjoyed our sunroof of her new suv--they were right over it at times. So stopped in the Stine's parking lot to watch and take some photos...along with many others I might add! The first balloon shown was from Stine's and the next few.

Randy and Cari watching:

With a cool zoom lens, some cropping in photo shop, you can almost see the passengers.
With more cropping you can see them.

And a little tweaking in PS, you can see how bright and vivid these balloons were.

This is the area right beside the new Stine's parking lot. You can see the construction going in Natchez, the new Pizza Hut, and in the distance you can seeTaco Bell and Natchez Regional Hospital along with Hot Air Balloons floating above.
You also see truck like this...some I think are balloon chasers and some are the owners. I am pretty sure this one is one of the owners and this trailor stores the balloon and basket during read, "Hileigh Kentagious". I am sure for those involved it is another one of those addictive hobbies.
After a while, in the Stine's parking lot, we left and went to another parking lot on Highland Drive...

The sponsors of this balloon must be dentists or is it the owners. I don't know how it goes, but I can read the title, "The Second Molar".

another view of it and another balloon too...

Across the street from this location we saw this balloon trying to take off.

still trying...

and it just didn't make it up--it deflated after this
Soon after this, we went back to Vidalia to flea market. We were some of the first people coming through. It didn't seem as nice this year. Maybe because I just don't really have any money to spend...who knows. I did still spend plenty on festival food. Brittany, Natalie and Emma arrived as we were about to leave. We stayed a while longer so that Natalie and Emma could have their caracatures sketched. Again, my camera was in the car and Brittany took a few...wait I just remembered. I may have some on my little camera...Cari's. I will have to post them later and that will probably be on Natalie's World. I am not sure where that camera is now. I will be posting the rest of the images on Natalie's World since they do involve her. I will add links here after I do that.
It was a special morning that Cari and I got to share with Randy. Even though our family that lives here is only the three of us, we can still share special memories like this morning. I hate what has happened to the cotton industry this year and all the businesses that it effects, but I am so pleased that Randy got to share this with us and that he got to take Natalie to the fair (the balloon glow the night before). Because of the nature of cotton ginning, he never saw one of his little ones at a fair in the fall. So this made this year extra special to us.

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Jessica Krejci said...

Hi!!! The Second Molar Balloon is my Step-dad's! He has a total of 3 balloons, The First Molar, The Second Molar, and the Wisdom Racer. He owns a dental lab that makes false teeth (dentures), crowns, partials, etc. He is located in Baton Rouge, LA. He's been ballooning for years and enjoys every minute of it. Great pictures! Thanks for putting it up on your site!