Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Did you vote yesterday?

I have had so much that I have wanted to post on this subject. But I think some of my blog friends have put it better than I ever could. Nicki actually got hers from someone esle, but it was so good I am adding a link to's a must read:

Then while I was blog hopping (something I do when I am stressed about other things in life--right now it is my major computer problems), I ran across this one.
So to confirm what I got out this, let's pray for our country...let's pray for them without ceasing. I know for many of you (like me) it didn't seem to go our way...maybe that's was so we will pray harder and not feel to comfortable. Sometimes when things seem okay, we tend think let things go and not pray for least that's the message that I got out of all this.

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