Thursday, November 13, 2008


Many of you probably follow Casey's post too, but those who don't please read this.

I had so random thoughts from time to time about the election on what going on in our world, but it seems between, family, Natalie (and Natalie's World) and Jami Ainsworth Portraits that I can't seem to find the time to elaborate on many of these things. But my friend, Casey, tell it just like I thought it. Read the comment also. Because many of them word it well too...I just read them as I was getting the link and I was thinking how so many of them read my mind too. I am not racist. I just listened to views. I admit that I have never been very political...I still now, but this election from the git-go make my eyes and ears open up and listen. I knew the Republican campaign represented more of my personal convictions, but after listening to all the polls after Hillary lost out of the Democrat thing...I sort of gave up...that is until the day I heard the annoucement of Sarah Palin. I still remember it vividly. I thought we (the republican party ) now have a chance. During the hurricane, when we had no air, but while we were still watching our bedroom TV using our generator (the big TV was too much for it), we watch the Republican convention the night they made the formal announcement. I love her!
Often I feel like many people, don't listen to the issues. They just go by the color of the skin of the candidate. I forgot that I mentioned this to my husband until he told me that he repeated this to his employees, but I continually thought this...I almost wished both candidates had been black so that everyone would listen to the issues and vote according to that. As I said read the comments, as I read them it seemed like some of them had read my mind as well.

I don't think Obama is bad and I think he does have our country's best interest at heart. I pray that God leads him and I pray for our country all it it's leaders. I think he's wife is beautiful and I love her style and look forward to what she has to offer for our country. I feel for his daughters growing up in the middle of the media. I heard on the news how Jackie O told Hillary that she suggested to Hillary to keep her Chelsey out of the media. And they showed how they were pretty successfully with that. I just hope the media will respect this again for these two sweet little girls growing in history making time of their lives as well as the whole country (the history making part). Sure we won't to see a few shots of them and the new little puppy, but I hope they will respect their privacy. After all they are just innocent little girls, who did not ask for this position.

I am proud for our blacks in our country and if I offend anyone by say black (my daughter recently told me they prefer to be called that case, I guess we are Caucasian), I apologize. I am not racist. I try to judge people according to who they are and they stand for. My heart did cry bitter-sweet tears in celebration for Obama's race especially for the older generations who have suffered much more than today's one should not be allowed sit a certain place or go to a certain place because of the color of their skin.

Okay, that's all I will say on this.


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