Tuesday, November 25, 2008


You know you are behind on blogging when you're even behind on reading your favories (besides your own...my three...which may be one reason I am always behind on blogging is because I am trying to keep up three different ones!). I have a few other blogs that I keep up with...meaning I check daily (usually), read updates as they post them and often post comments. As a blogger too, WE REALLY LOVE TO READ THE COMMENTS. PLEASE COMMENT!

Tomorrow is Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve. I am still a bit overwhelmed and trying to re-cover from all the computer problems and re-covering things like downloaded software and such that I use on a regular basis. I have a portrait session tomorrow to do for a family (one of my blogging friends) who is originally from this area and after that I hope to get 3 days work done tomorrow since I haven't gotten too much done the last few days...Natalie has been here, Cari has had company...well...Cari always has something going on. I have several things I would like to post about her too. But for now....a little venting.

This evening Cari and I went to Wal-mart to buy food for her and her daddy to cook for Thanksgiving. I am thankful for them and that they love to cook or we would just provide the paper plates, napkins and such. I am looking forward to few days off (Thanksgiving Day and the weekend).


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