Saturday, November 29, 2008


Two days later and we are back home. I am very tired, but I enjoyed the last two days. It was nice to get away from the computer and away from my camera. Now I love what I do, but everyone needs a break. When I was packing up, I decided to leave my camera home. I did take a few from Cari's camera that I will probably just post on NATALIE'S WORLD because the only time I used the camera, it had something to do with here.

While chilling at my mom's...looking over sale ads, etc., I also went over the list I started on THANKSGIVNG ABC'S...I got this idea from Amanda from a post she made on her blog the other day. I decided to change mine up a bit and make do it with a personality twist. Of course, I am so thankful for the obvious things in life...God, family and friends, and the necessities of food, clothing and shelter...and not just the basics: good food (too much quite often), nice clothes (at least they seem that way the first time you wear them no matter where you get them...there's just something about wearing a new outfit, top or just anything for the first time...) and a nice home (quite often unorganized and even dirty), but warm and functionally (a mansion to someone homeless). So not make little of the real important things in life because of I am so thankful for these. GOD has blessed me and family more than words can express.

So here is my quirky personality ABC'S of THANKSGIVNG that I am thankful for...
  • A is for Actions. Okay, I said it was quirky unless you are a photographer, you may not know what actions are, but they are pre-recorded steps done in photo shop for editing and manipulation of images. They make my job so much easier, but saving me many steps.
  • B is for Babies. I have always loved babies. I love baby things from clothes to toys and of course, not props. I love photographing them. I love how they remind me of my babies when they were that age.
  • C is for Chocolate. I have always loved chocolate, but older I get the more in love with chocloate I have become. I heard a news report that said that chocolate is a stress reliever. No wonder I love it so much!
  • D is for Diet Coke. My most favorite beverage...I know, I know I really shouldn't because of the aspartame or whatever. I will quite one day...I am just not ready yet. LOL
  • E is for email. What would I do w/o email! By far one of the best means of communication in the modern world.
  • F is for Fast Food. How would the busy mom survive w/o it!
  • G is for Gymboree. I love, love shopping for Gymboree for my little sweetheart and I think she actually loves wearing it almost as much as I love shopping for it!
  • H is for Hats. I love buying outfits from Gymboree, The Children's Place or any where with cute matching hats for Natalie. I also love using Hats for babies and children for studio props too!
  • I is for Ice cream. I don't eat tons of it, but I love it and it is one of the foods on top of my list for comfort foods. I how I love comfort foods!
  • J is for Jesus. Without Jesus there would be no hope for me or anyone. I am so thankful for Jesus came to save our lives from sin and give this world hope!
  • K is for Kettlecorn. My 2nd favorite popcorn (Carmel is my first favorite)!
  • L is for Little Girls. Little girls are such fun to dress, photograph and to play pretend with. I loved playing dress up with my know dressing them in cute little baby makes you feel like a little girl again playing with your baby dolls, but dressing up your little girl (or your "grand" little girl), is like playing Barbie dolls again. AND I LOVED MY BABIES WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL!
  • M is for Memories. I love capturing images in my life and my children's thus documenting our memories for life. I don't think I would have become a photograph, if I did not cherish memories as much as I do.
  • N is for Natalie...need I say more. If you really want more, read NATALIE'S WORLD.
  • O is for Ornaments. I love Christmas ornaments and I love collecting personality ornaments for my family. I now how have a Christmas tree full of ornaments that depict the little stories (memories of our lives).
  • P is for photo shop. I used to think I was pretty good photographer and then I discovered photo shop. Now I don't like my images very much until they have been edited in photo shop.
  • Q is for Quincy. Quincy is my baby brother. I was almost 15 when he was born. He was the first real baby that I "played" mommy with. I remember loving him so much and thinking how I could not love my own as much I loved him. I was wrong. But I am thankful of my experience of helping take care of him as a baby.
  • R is for Red. I love the color red. I especially love to wear read around the holidays.
  • S is for Soup. Soup is another one of my favorite comfort foods. There's nothing like a nice warm bowl of soup on a cold day or when you're sick...oh so comforting.
  • T is for Tutu. My new favorite prop. I have plans to purchase more of these and do a tutu/ballerina baby promotion.
  • U is for Uterus. Okay, I guess this is the strangest sounding one yet, I am thankful that I have a uterus. I love that two beautiful babies grew in there. The first one was born 20 years and 3 weeks ago. And in about 30 hours and 10 minutes and my second child celebrates 16 years that she made her debut into this world. And I also love other people's babies who were recently in their mommy's uterus. Who doesn't love a newborn baby?
  • W is for WORLD WIDE WEB. I love surfing the Internet, I love blogging and reading others, shopping, researching and I get so much from the web for my business that I can't even begin to list it all at this time.
  • X is for Xylophone. I love the music that a baby, a toddler or a child can play on a toy xylophone. I even love playing it with them.
  • Y is for Yahoo. I don't use yahoo that much. But I am thankful yahoo accounts. I would not have 1/2 the email addresses that I have if there was no yahoo.
  • Z is for Zebra Print. Zebras are neat, but I love Zebra print clothing, purses...just about anything.

Now that was just a little fun and required a little thinking and even a little input from my daughter and daughter-in-law (that title still sounds strange to say). But they helped me come up with a few that are so ME! I know it is a little late, but I challenge others to come up with a personalized ABC THANKSGIVING list.


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