Thursday, November 13, 2008


Last night my husband, daughter and I had pizza for supper to commemorate Cameron's actual b'day. For twenty years now, I have heard the story (in a joking manner) of how my family (who came from out of town) ate all of my husband's pizza that was left at hour home the night that I went in labor. Randy and I did the it all for our first child...child birth classes, lots of reading in bed together...we stayed in tuned to his development at each stage of the pregnancy. We even bought a nurses stethoscope to listen to his heartbeat. I still remember I was yellow a tee shirt this first time he had hiccups while I was pregnant. I enjoyed being pregnant with him so much! We both did! It was such a special time in our lives...memories that I will cherish forever.

Back to the pizza.
It was ginning season toward the end of my pregnancy thus we took our child birth classes early in the pregnancy than they normally recommend because of the upcoming season. Because of these classes, we knew once labor started that I was supposed to eat. We had just picked up our supper (pizza from Pizza Hut) and had just got back into the car and was our way home to eat our supper. My water broke just as I sat in my seat. Randy being the sweet husband he was didn't eat because I couldn't eat...looking back now...I am sure he was probably so excited and too nervous to eat either. But through it all, and being I was the one in labor, I don't remember exactly what happened, but at some point my family who came (from out town) stopped at our house, at the pizza. I am sure they want to eat it be before it ruined. The story has grown (by Randy) over the years, but he says he had not ate because of was busy ginning...I kept him right by side the whole 12 hours of labor (almost the whole time) so he didn't get a chance to eat his pizza. I don't remember when he did get to eat, but I have heard the story at least once a year now about how he had no pizza to eat when he got home!

Okay, I didn't mean to spend so much time on this post. This was supposed to be called my baby is 20, but I will do that one later. I had to change the title to match the topic, huh?


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