Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Nutcraker Ballet

Tonight I had the most fun at the ballet...I've never enjoyed watching a ballet more (other than when my own child was performing). We took Natalie to the Nutcracker Ballet. It was her first time ever. We intended for her to start dance in Baton Rouge. I was going to pay for it, but with so much going...her parents schedules, Hurricane Gustav, and more...we decided to wait until next year.

Cari's friend Alexa was performing and this was the only night that Cari could really watch. She volunteered to work the lights. She alternated this job with someone else. This was her only night that she would be able to watch w/o her "job".

It was my most delightful pleasure introducing the Nutcracker story to Natalie through the ballet. I only wished we had read the story before going so that she would understand the story more. I tried to explain what was happening as much as I could explain to a 3 year and as much as I could has been a while since I have read the story to a little girl. I am looking forward to doing so as part of the special moments we will share this holiday season.

One of the things I think she loved so much was watching the girls in all the different tutu. I recently purchased her first tutu as part her costume for Pumpkin Day (Halloween). I have purchased some others for props and I am looking forward to photographing Natalie in some of them soon. I think she is going to always love tutu. I did ask her if she wanted to be a ballerina like Alexa and of course, her answer was yes...WHAT LITTLE GIRL DOESN'T WANT TO BE A BALLERINA. After all the do have the "coolest" costumes!

Again it is so awesome to view life through the eyes of a child, with such child-like wonder! This wasn't something I had even planned to do until a few days ago. I am so glad I did. I took a few photos...I am not sure they won't be too great (no flash), but I will share what I think is decent here as soon as I can. I know I am posting a little out of order, but often I loose my enthusiasm of a particular event before I have the time to post the images. So I wanted to share this now before the my initial reaction fades away with the day-to-day duties and obligations of life and work.

How sweet it is to be Natalie's Mimi!


Avery's Mommy said...

Oh I hate I missed the ballet. I wanted to see Alexa. I had Avery though. Of course she CANT go! Sob sob - Maybe next year. Glad yall enjoyed it.

Cristi said...

Okay, that comment was from me - CRISTI - I didnt realize Casey was still logged in!