Wednesday, October 8, 2008

RC and a Moonpie

Isn't that a funny title? You younger readers really think that's a strange title. People my age and older certainly remember RC's...especially the big RC sign at little country stores. Today I had a MD appointment. I have chronic sinus problems. I probably should have gone months ago. The week I was down with the bad stomach virus I had one of my really bad sinus attacks. The thing is when I feel okay (never really great in that area) I don't want to stop what I am doing and go to MD. I just hate to sit around in a doctor's office. I just have too much to do. Then when I am feeling really bad, I don't want to go either.

So what does all of this have to do with a Moonpie and RC. I had a really early morning appointment so I didn't have enough time to eat breakfast. So when I finally left I was famished. I stopped by the new Fred's in town to pick up some potting soil to re-pot the mum's that Natalie and I picked out last Saturday. Since I was so hungry I scanned the ailse for a snack, I occasionally crave a vanilla Moonpie. I skip the RC...doesn't even come close to my diet coke!

As I got back in the car, I tore open my vanilla moonpie (no other flavor will do). Smells, songs and tastes so often take me back to my childhood memories. When I was a little girl, my papaw (my mom's dad) worked very hard (even then he was an older man). He drove a bull dozer and worked for a construction company who did dirt work (land leveling, etc.). My mamaw packed his lunch for him. I am not even sure what the rest of his lunch included, but what was usually left was the moonpie or honey buns. Often he did not eat his dessert, snack or whatever it was. So the little girl that I was, I looked forward to those late afternoon snacks in my papaw's lunch.

So today as I ate and smelled my moonpie my thoughts drifted to the hard-working man, my grandfather was...the man that my almost 88 year old grandmother still misses. We weren't especially close (not like I am with Natalie or like some kids are w/their grandparents), but he was my special grandfather.

Some things I recall about my Pappaw McCowan:
  • He was hard of hearing (the side effect of working a bull dozer).

  • He was one of the hardest working people I have ever known.

  • He loved sports on TV. He always got into whatever he was watching especially boxing. He sure took some punches too. [He moved and jumped as if he was in the fight himself. I will never forget that about him.]

  • He was always very accomadating to his guests (always family).

  • He was a very handsome young man. My cousin and my sister and I had so much fun looking at those old photographs.

  • He served his time for our country in the Navy after my mom's older sisters were born and before my mom was born.

  • He had many tattoos that he got on his arms during his time in the Navy. He regretted it and often wore long sleeve shirts (even in the summer).

  • He loved babies. I have several photographs of him holding each of his great-grandchildren. I would love to scan and post a few, but I am not that organized any longer. I was going to scan a photo of him and my grandmother, but my scanner wasn't working. So the next best thing, I photograph of a photo. Which is the image you have already seen. I still do not know how or even if you can post an image at the top after you have included text.

  • He passed away several years agos. I am embarrassed that at this moment that I don't remember exactly which year...I think 2001 or 2002. I am sure that I will have to ask my mom next time that I talk to her. We all miss him so much, but no one does like my grandmother. I know they were married well over 50 years because I do remember that Cameron had just turned 2 years old when they celebrated their 50th anniversary.

I am sure as I finish this I will remember more little things about him. Isn't it so nice how some little insignificant moment in life can trigger such sweet precious memories about someone we love. Thank you God for fond memories.


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