Wednesday, October 15, 2008



While I was "scared to death" waiting for someone to get this alligator out of MY YARD...

While I was trembling, I kept thinging a "real" photographer would be documenting this. And as you can see from these not-so-great images that I do not have a future in wildlife photography.

I think I will stick with portraits...

I would not get off the Randy took these next two, the closer images. Can you blame me?
[Randy said he was about 8 feet...I was thinking 6. Zoo size is what I told a few peopel on the phone today! Not like the baby alligators that I have usually seen in the bayous around here.]
Then as I was watching this whole scene, I thought I really must document this...three grown men staring at this alligator. Sort of, funny, huh?

I am knee deep in the middle of a lot of stuff so I will add the story behind these images later. But for the record....I do not have an alligator in my yard any longer!

And by the way, Nicki, these are the alligators that I am afaid of!

Last week Jonah and Nicki came for cotton portraits and they got to see alligators in their natural habitat...this is NOT (my yard) their natural habitat.



Cristi said...

Oh that is CRAZY!!!!!

The Glenn Gang said...

Oh my stinkin' goodness!!!! You would have had to bury me! Who discovered it? WOW!

Avery's Mommy said...

holy smokes. don't think we'll be putting avery in that yard for pics! lol