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Birthday Celebration at the Lake [August 6, 2011] and the Surprize at Mimi's house

Friday night we had a family dinner, minus Cari who chose to go on a date rather dinner at the Ducks Nest with her family...imagine that! An 18 year old girl who would rather go out to dinner with a her "new" guy rather than eat with her family! After dinner we all stayed at the lake house on Lake St. John.
Saturday morning Randy and I got up and about rounded up the rest of the lake things that we didn't bring to the lake Friday night. By the time we got out there again, it was lunch time: Sandwiches and chips. We were still waiting for more extended family to arrive. But it was time for us to start playing.
I don't have anything on this blog about this yet, but if you follow us on facebook, you already know that this little girl was fearless last year and began attempting knee boarding. An adult put her own the board, but this little girl could ride. Since then her daddy learned of a new knee board that is lighter and thus even easier for little people or smaller people to ride. It was intended for 120 lbs and lighter. So that excludes me! She took to it right away!

I don't have the really good close up photos. Since photography is what I do all the time, I get tired of using a camera "just for fun" more than others do. Brittany knowing this from last year asked about using my good lens. So there you go...

I love the above image of Brittany capturing images of Natalie on the knee board and the one below of her daddy watching her.

We all loved watching her. She had a ball and it is always fun to watch the little ones do activities that usually only bigger kids do! Right?

She is just so adventurous and fearless. Later in the day, she attempted to stand on the board. This one is designed so that you can. At least I think it was. There was a photo of a child standing on it. If it can be done, we want to try it. Or this case, wanted her to. She did try and she tried it repeatedly, but never got up completely. As frustrated as she was, she kept trying. She reminded me of her Aunt Cari with such determination! We all loved watching her.

Above: Poppa watching his little sweetheart; Below: Aunt Cari watching her little niece.

Cari and her new guy, John Mark. This was his first day to spend time with our family. I immediately understood why Cari said that her first date with him was the best date she ever had. He was sweet, friendly, accommodating and very helpful in spite of his very serious injury. [Yes, he has a broken arm. He broke his arm upper arm bone (the name of that bone does not come to mind at the moment). His doctor has said it may be 6 months before it is healed and there is a possibility of surgery. Yeah, it's pretty bad! But that didn't seem to slow him down a bit. BTW...he broke his arm while arm wrestling. Yeah, crazy, huh?]

Cameron (aka Natalie's Daddy) helping with the ropes and Brittany photographing her.

Cameron on the wake board.

Natalie was very tired.

Natalie looking at some of the photos on the back of the camera of her.

Cari's turn on the wake board.

John Mark begged us to let him one-arm on the wake board, but we would NOT let him. Just kidding, even he knew better than that! So he just watched like me and Randy.

Daddy letting Natalie drive the boat.

When the rest of the family (my mom, sister, her friend and my niece) arrived, we decided we would go ahead and do the cake. Natalie blew out another#6 candle and had more presents.

These photos are me trying to document who all was there. I see everyone except my sister, Jackie. Now I am not sure where she was.

Posing for pics...

Eating icing off the candle...

[The cake was made by Kate, my good friend. She also made Natalie 3-layer Luau cake or birthday last year. She, her husband and son, Cash, came later that evening after he woke up from his nap. He fished off the pier. It was his first time to fish.]

Poppa picked out this movie for Natalie. He wants to watch it on his new TV and new blu-ray player with Natalie. Our weekend was so busy that we didn't get to do that. So, Brittany, when you see this, in case I forget to remind you, please bring this the next time y'all come in so that she and Poppa can watch this one together.

Aunt Jackie, Jamie and Brooke got Natalie this gift. She love it!

Gigi sent some money for Natalie a gift and I knew Natalie had shown me some Barbie items that she was interested in one day when we shopped after her Manner classes a few weeks ago. So I picked this up for her. Later she told me she wanted the Dentist Barbie. But when you shop at the last minute like her MIMI (me) does. You can't be picky! And that's Gigi (my mom) in the background.

Mimi got her this one...

It was a fun day playing water sports, fishing and visiting at the lake. It was also very, very hot and tiring. I hate that I did not get a photo of Natalie with each of her out of town guests nor with Cash and his parents or the gift he got her or the cute little bag that Kate had it wrapped it. It had her name on it! I think the heat just wore us all out. As the sun started going down, Randy and I fixed burgers and served them with chips and dips. Some continued to fish after dinner, some even played a game of poker (Cari and John Mark were the last two in the game and I was told she won. I wondering if he let her win. Guys do that sometimes to make their girlfriends feel good. Nah, it was probably fair and square.) Some fell asleep in front of the TV, but one very tired little girl put herself to bed.

The next day after church we met back up at the house (after the out of town guests had went home) and surprised Natalie with her birthday surprise. Poppa is making her lay her face down on his shoulder until we got there.


She did say she liked it, but she wasn't that EXCITED! Maybe it was because of the 100 degree heat or maybe it was because really wanted to play with the kittens. We told her she couldn't play with them yet because their mommy was feeding them. So she says, "Can I swim?"

Oh well...she will have many hours of jumping in the future, but not many more days of swimming since she starts back to school this week.

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